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If you could choose any Winery/Vineyard to go to in California which one would it be and why?

Asked by joybells34 (359points) April 20th, 2009

I am a huge fan of Napa Valley. Silverado Vineyards is so beautiful and their wine is to die for.

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reason #1: Coppola directed some of my favorite movies and has great taste and style which carries over to his vineyard.

reason #2: All of the wines are affordable and fantastic for drinking and for making some amazing sauces.

reason #3: The vineyard is driving distance from a multitude of other good vineyards and restaurants. The countryside is unreal.

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Opus One is absolutely stunning. It doesn’t hurt that they make amazing wines as well. I had the privilege of a private tour there a few years back.

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Of course my favorite is Silverado Vineyards. Owned by Ron and Diane Disney Miller. Beautiful winery, tasting room, view, and Disney artwork.

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