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What is appealing about getting drunk?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21446points) April 20th, 2009

I realize that I’ve beaten this horse to death, but please bear with me fellow jellies, I am not trying to create some nasty debate, I am honestly curious. I have often heard that people drink to loosen up and they use it as a social lubricant, but I find that I am like that naturally. So, what is so appealing about getting drunk? Is it honestly just because some people cannot loosen up on their own, no matter what? Is there some physical reaction that I don’t know about? Is it habit?

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I don’t personally like drinking I see no advantages, so I very rarely drink alcohol. But I do know people do it because it takes away their nervousness so they can ask girls out.

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I couldn’t tell you. I like the feeling of being tipsy, but anything past that seems uncomfortable.

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nothing at all

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I’m in college. For a few hours I don’t have to think about papers, grades, work, jobs, finances, loans, etc. I can just go out, be drunk, dance, giggle and have a ton of fun with my friends. For me it’s like putting up a fence between the crap I have going on day to day and a few hours of just fun and freedom. I don’t mind if people want to judge me for it, I have a good time, i’m not an alcoholic and i’m not drinking myself to death.

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Some people really can’t loosen up on their own, or loosen up enough to have fun. Hence, alcohol has its charms for these folks. Other substances can also do the trick, but they typically are either illegal or available only by prescription (Xanax can be a wonderful thing).

In addition, some alcoholic drinks are really tasty (I love rum collinses personally, but nowadays drink them without the rum; I also love Virgin Margaritas). Often folks start off drinking because the drink tastes good, but then the alcohol releases their inhibitions so the drink more than they should.

And some people drink alcohol because…well, because that’s what people do at parties or with their friends. And who wants to buck the tide of peer pressure?

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You hit the nail on the head with the social lubricant statement (I would use those exact words, in fact). People are awkward. Drinking lets people lose their inhibitions for a while—say things they wouldn’t normally say, do things they wouldn’t normally do, dance!
I agree with @Facade, that often times being tipsy is enough. Getting completely plastered is often times when people say and do things that they wouldn’t normally do and wouldn’t want to do.
You just have to weigh the pros and cons. Is one great night of lowered inhibitions worth a hangover and splitting headache the next morning?
I mean, I’ve had some awesome nights drinking, I’m not going to lie. But, I’ve also had some equally gruesome mornings. I feel poisoned.

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I haven’t been drunk since I was about 27 years old (8 years ago). I honestly do not remember.

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“I can just go out, be drunk, dance, giggle and have a ton of fun with my friends.”

I hope you have a designated driver!

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I agree with the “social lubricant” statement and the “drinks are yummy” idea as it applies to some people.

However, the folks I work with go out two, three nights a week to drink cheap beer for the sole purpose of “getting trashed” – in their words.

I don’t drink at all, but I really don’t understand that.

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If I were to sum it up on five words, these words would be, “Because we want to die.” Don’t get me wrong this is not the answer to the questions, “Why do people have a two or three glasses of wine with their diner.” We are talking about people, myself included, who go to a bar and play a good old fashioned game of “Get Me Another.” If you want to see this effect for yourself, go to a dive bar about 11:30 at night, and take a look at the croud. Not a sports bar, not a strip bar, no, a dive bar that smells of death and immorailty. Where your feet stick to the floor of the place as though you were knee deep in DNA. Go to this type of place, and gaze upon our rotted corpses.
Do this and you will see, the reason we drink to this excess is, because we want to die.

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@crisw we walk. Always. Unless we go too far from campus then we call a cab. No drunk driving in this crowd! (Most of us don’t even have cars at school!).

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There is nothing appealing about getting drunk, being drunk, or being with someone else who is drunk.
I don’t buy the social lubricant thing. That is just an excuse. And, if one needs an excuse to justify it,then the habit has become a problem in their life.

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Gack, this is going to sound like a cheesy informercial… “if you’re like me and tightly wound, a control freak with a mountain of expectations and responsibilities on your shoulders and little opportunity for fun then this is for you! Get with your like minded friends and subject your body to Japanese reality challenge shows or… pour some drink, relax, laugh, let the silly out, let the creative roam, feel safe and unguarded with your pals” Something like that.

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The judgement that abounds when drinking comes up always amazes me. Do you know why the eighteenth amendment was repealed? Because prohibition failed. I view alcohol the same way I view just about everything else..your body, your life, your right to make your own choices. Do NOT drink and drive, do NOT use it as an excuse to hurt another person either physically or emotionally, but if you go out with a few friends on the weekend and have a couple drinks I really don’t see what the problem is. If you make responsible choices in drinking than I see it as a personal choice that really no one else needs to understand or judge.

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It is fun for some and not for others. Everyone has there own thing. Some people might love to go to the strip clubs, some people will really hate it. Then some people just don’t care one way or the other. I could sit here and say what is the big deal with getting high on coke? Never tried the stuff and never really want to. But that is besides the point. Some people think it is the bee’s knees, and some people know it is the devil’s candy. It is all about how you see it.

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Makes anything fun and happy.
Eliminates awkward situations.
Enables you to ignore pain.

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stop feeling feelings.
and make that chick next to you look less like a monkey with a beard that does tricks.

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The trouble is, I don’t remember being drunk. Initially, my shyness disappeared, I began to enjoy myself. What came next I cannot remember too clearly. After the second experience I decided that drink was not my thing (fortunately, nothing much happened on either occasion). The hangover was pure torture.

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I drank because I wasn’t happy with the person I was and alcohol made me into someone else. The change was not necessarily a good one. And it reached the point where I wanted to be that someone else more often than I wanted to be me.

A better solution for me was to change myself into someone I was happy with and didn’t mind seeing in the mirror. I did this through 12 steps and counseling.

If indeed a few drinks (not getting drunk) just makes you happier and social, then there is no problem, but for me there was never any such thing as a “few drinks.”

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The being drunk part.

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It allows one to escape boredom and relaxes, otherwise, it is a body chemistry thing. A high proportion of commercial painters and chemical factory workers are alcoholics because some have an allergic reaction to the chemicals that are alleviated by replacing the toxins to the system with alcohol.
Outside of that, I would have to say it is fun and euphoria to a point. Its an addiction to pleasure, similar to the addictive pleasure of eating destructive snack foods and refined sugars, simple carbs, sodas, chocolate, etc.-they make you overweight, alter your metabolism and affect your emotional state; but people continue to crave the feelings and pleasures or high of junk foods, etc. even though they know they are harming themselves

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@KatawaGrey- I know exactly how you feel! I am a college student, and it feels like everything we do on the weekend involves alcohol! I, myself, have never been drunk, but, due to my caring nature, have taken care of my fair share of drunks. Like adreamofautumn says, most of my friends say it’s a time they don’t have to worry about anything, except making a fool of themselves. I am quite happy with the little buzz I get off of a couple of beers. That’s awesome that you are able to have fun without the help of anything harmful, don’t let anybody convince you otherwise! However, don’t be afraid to experience new things! Everybody needs to take a couple jello shots within their lifetime, lol. Live and learn.

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Oh, there is so much to like about drinking. There’s the consumption of vile-tasting concoctions—always a winner! There’s the free amusement park ride, when your head starts spinning. This treat is soon followed by one of the more creative parts of drinking: the praying to the porcelain god.

But wait! It gets even better! The coolest thing is when you black out, and then when you wake up with that splitting headache, you have no idea what you did. This is really amusing when you find yourself in a bed you don’t recognize, next to a girl you could never imagine yourself sleeping with, even if you had no legs or arms.

And after, the pictures placed on the internet, and the looks your friends give you, and the jolly tales they tell, repeatedly, especially when you are trying to impress someone. My god, the pleasures of drinking go on and on. Almost endlessly. Jeez, all this writing about drink has made me thirsty. Pardon me while I go tie one on.

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Because it is a controlled substance you can control——at then…...... you wake up

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@daloon…Dude! We have got to party together sometime!

although i prefer to refer to drunk vomiting as “calling ralph on the big white phone”

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Because people are social lemmings and they like to fit in.

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I’ve never been completely drunk to the point where I woke up and couldn’t remember what I did. But I have gotten pretty tipsy. Normally I don’t drink, I am also a very up-tight person who doesn’t socialize particularly well. But that night I didn’t over-analyze everything, I was able to relax and have fun and take a few risks. I still don’t think going out and getting drunk every night is a good idea, but every now and then its kind of nice to be able to loosen up and have some fun without your head interfering.

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Being able to totally forget for about 5 seconds the main reason you wanted to get drunk in the first place.

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I really don’t drink anymore, so I had to laugh when a friend of mine started playing World of Warcraft and he said, “I don’t really get the point of drinking in the game because it just makes your vision blurry and makes you less coordinated” – I asked him how that differed from real life drinking.

The only real benefit i see is, as others have said, it shuts down the critical thinking portion of your mind. This will give some people the chance to loosen up and get out of their shell and will cause others to become loud, obnoxious and hurtful.

There are probably better ways to figure out how to get over your personal reticence, but to each their own.

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@Facade & @basp summed up my feelings pretty well. There’s a difference between getting tipsy and getting drunk. How can someone enjoy blacking out and not remember what they said or did? I don’t find it appealing at all.

Lurve to you @rooeytoo

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I don’t drink for many reasons (not all are the obvious ones either, lol).
But I used to. And I would say that it is about relaxation. And about self medication.
Or that is what I used it for when I did drink. Also to be part of the crowd. When I stopped drinking I lost nearly all of my friends (people i had known for years and we were tight as peas and had been through heck and back together).

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@RedPowerLady – funny how that works, isn’t it?
“You don’t want to go to the bar…um…ok…well, see you around…I guess.”

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@fireside ya sure is funny, same thing happened to when I graduated high school and went on to college (guess I was “too good for them”)

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@RedPowerLady – little miss sober smarty pants

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@fireside lol, that’s it

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There’s nothing appealing about getting drunk and it’s never completely safe to do so.

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