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Have you ever been serenaded?

Asked by aviona (3242points) April 20th, 2009

What was the situation? Was it by one person or an entire choir/band? What song was it?

I’ve actually been serenaded twice. Once was by my first boyfriend. He was choir in high school and to raise money they did singing Valentine’s. You can buy one for a for or SO, choose the song and the choir will pull them up in front of the class all decked out in their tuxes and dresses and sing your chosen song. They could be anonymous or not.
I was in Mexico for the actual day, though. SO, since he was in the choir he had a little power. The next day, when I was back at school, the entire choir (usually they just did it in small groups) came to my 6th period trig class and made me sit on a stool in front of the class while he sang to me. So embarrassing.

The other time was in Costa Rica. One of my classmates had a crush on me. My Spanish name is Magdalena. So, he learned a song from his host father called Mi Magdalena. We were sitting in his room and he whipped out the guitar and started singing it to me. Also, embarrassing.

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When I was a student at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, my walk-around-the-plaza novio hired an entire tuna (essentially a men’s chorus in a tradition that dates to medieval times) to come serenade me. They stood in the alley behind the dorm and sang loudly enough that I could hear them way up on the fifth floor. All the little kids that normally played street soccer joined in with cat calls.

It was most embarrassing but memorable and terribly romantic.

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Yep, a few times. Once, my ex sang “Happy Birthday” to me in Spanish whilst drunk (over the phone). She also sang along to a Spanish love song over the phone. Recently, a friend serenaded me (whist drunk) to Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls”. :)

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Hahaha @jmah I WISH someone would serenade me with Fat Bottomed Girls!

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Gave and received many times while in college. In the sixties fraternities and sororities serenaded each others houses, then went in for refreshments. Sort of like “singing for your supper” It was fun, met the opposites in a casual setting.

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Nope – not yet.

(Anyone up for a virtual serenade session?)

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Guys + guitars = seranades :)
The most memorable yet though was from a man who sang to me under the moonlight about two birds in separate cages, each with open doors and the birds would step out, step back and finally just sing because they didn’t know where to go until they heard one another singing.

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I“ve done some “serenading.” In my day. I try to reserve it for girls that I REALLY like, as I didn’t get into guitar to woo girls over. One thing I always found funny too, was that I tend to not be that great when I’m playing for a girl. Like, I’m no Jimmy Hendrix, and while I sing, I’m not gonna win any awards. But I’m not BAD (in fact I used to be the singer/rhythm guitar in a band). I’ve played in front of hundreds of people with no problem, but in front of ONE girl, totally alone, I get nervous and find myself messing up basic crap….

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Yes, I have. :)

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A few times – primarily with silly intent, or sarcasm but there was one very bad experience.

A guy I had only hung out with once or twice, and wouldn’t even count as a ‘date’ showed up at my house with his guitar. I guess he had a crush on me for a long time, and after introduced by friends, I agreed to go out to dinner with him. As soon as he came in the door, he pulled it out and started playing one of the cheesiest songs I have ever heard. He told me he had written it for me, and the lyrics were chock full of knights, princesses, valiance and heroism. He looked at me with the love eyes when he sang it. Yikes.

I can normally navigate awkward situations, but that was the most uncomfortable 3 minutes of my life. The 5 minutes of “Uhm, wow. I mean, wow. You wrote that? For uhm, me? Wow. So, has anyone else uhm, heard it?” immediately after that were pretty bad too.

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I recall one time my husband say “bringing sexy back” at some point during our dating period. hahaha.

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I’ve never been serenaded, but I have serenaded many young ladies. I used to do singing telegrams, and pretty much every girl I’ve dated has had a song written about them, that I’ve then serenaded them with. :)

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@Wine3213 – Just so long as you didn’t make the love eyes while singing to them, I guess they will forgive you.

Sorry, @figbash, I just had to use it

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In high school, the nerdiest kid you could ever imagine used to write me poems and sing me songs. After high school, we actually dated. He had transformed into sort of a local rock god… he was very cool, and he continued to write songs and sing them to me in his shows. Then he dumped me.

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I’m usually the one doing the serenading… Just me and my guitar.. sometimes it’s my song.. sometimes it’s not.. whatever fits the mood. My fiancee loves it… she says that’s how she fell in love with me :)

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My husband plays the guitar for me a lot. He doesn’t sing, though.

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I have serenaded several women over the years of my bachelorhood. Now that I’m married, my serenading is reserved for one person, and on special, unexpected occasions. .

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