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What is the purpose of your religion? (not a debate)

Asked by ninjacolin (14224points) April 20th, 2009

This question is meant to learn from the views of those who have a religion.

1) Do you feel there is a purpose to your religion?
2) What is your religion’s purpose?
3) Is your religion’s purpose the same as those of others?
4) In general, what purpose does religion serve?

:) Thank you for your answers!

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My religion acts as a moral compass that guides the decisions I make in regards to the actions I take toward myself and others.

And by religion, I mean my conscience.

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Buddhism has an unambiguous purpose: relief from suffering. It presents itself as medicine to cure the root cause of our individual and collective malaise. That’s all it’s about.

I suppose relief from suffering is at the heart of most religion. They all attempt to identify the cause of suffering, and offer a prescription for setting things right. That said, they differ widely in the specifics.

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Sorry my friend, I have nothing for you on this one. I do follow the Green bay Packers religiously.

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I’ve never had a religion. I watched my parents dabble in Buddhism over the years, watched many more seek something which I believe they felt would tap them into a God or each other. My own father was a minister, a good friend a Catholic priest, an ex lover a former priest but nothing rubbed off on me and I’m happy this way, feeling as though I might belong a bit to everyone and always myself.

Music is my religion if I have to come up with something because it’s a universal language all can share and understand. There’s a video I keep thinking of… and it is a shame about The Smiths.

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To spread the word…
1) Shaun Ryder is the greatest poet since Yeats.
2) Vini Reilly makes good music to chill out to.
(it’s just a shame about The Smiths, though)

Top gear, mon. Top gear.

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I wholeheartedly agree with @Harp. Any spiritual understanding I have whether it be Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Universal Thought all have the same purpose and that is the elimination of suffering.

This is fooking top gear, mon.

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nice yall, lurve all around.
@Blondesjon just curious.. what’s the purpose of following football?

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Cheese isn’t green..go Jets. :)

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@ninjacolin…One may as well ask, “Of what purpose is the air I breathe or the beer I drink?”.

I think it was His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet that said, “QUIET DOWN MOTHER FUCKERS! I’M TRYIN’ TO WATCH THE FUCKIN’ GAME!!”

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My religion,christianity(Southern Baptist) gives me something to believe in. When I am hurt by somebody, I always know that my father in heaven will be there for me. Through my life, my religion has been the one constant. When I go to church on Sunday, I know what to expect. Also, it gives me hope for the future. Sometimes I get really depressed about getting old and dying, but then I think about how awesome it will be in heaven. Some people see this as silly and unrealistic, but this ideal is what I base my whole life upon.

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The focus of the Baha’i faith is Unity through recognition of the Three Onenesses:

Oneness of God
Oneness of Humanity
Oneness of Religion

pretty much the same thing as ending suffering

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My religion, Evelynism, is to keep the proselytizing motherfuckers from other religions off my doorstep. Should anyone feel the need to pound on my door and ask if I have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior, I can reply, “Nope, I follow Evelyn, cuz Evelyn is 300 foot tall, she can kick the fucking monkey snot out of Jesus without even working up a sweat.”

Sure, Evelynism is a made-up religion; but aren’t they all?

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So, evelyns_pet_zebra, you think somebody just sat down and wrote the bible for kicks?

I agree with you about the people knocking on your door thing, that is really uncalled for. Nobody should force their religion on others.

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My religion is Christianity, and even more specifically Baptist. The purpose/reason is that we believe certain events took place and therefore we owe everything to God. There is no purpose other than to worship Him. Many Christians get benefits from being a Christian such as fellowship, inner peace, etc. but the sole purpose is to worship God.

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caring for orphans and widows.

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It reminds me that God loves me more than He loves you, and rightly so.

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my religion is the belief in natural selection – evolution – Darwin.. I believe there is no higher being that designed every one of us and who keeps track of every prayer and every event in each persons life.. but I don’t condemn religion, because I know it gives strength, hope and meaning.

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