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I'm talking to an Army recruiter this Wednesday! What questions should I ask him?

Asked by peyton_farquhar (3741points) April 20th, 2009

I am mainly concerned that I would have to postpone my college education if I enlisted, so that one’s already on the list. What else should I make sure to talk to him specifically about?

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Ask him how many people he’s recruited are in Iraq right now.

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ask him if the soap the army hands out is put on a rope, or you’ll need to supply your own rope.


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Are you talking to the Air Force and the Navy as well? Ask about the difference between enlisting now, or after you graduate, with respect to career options within the service. Find out what would make you a candidate for OCS (officers candidate school). I woul definitely talk to the Air Force before making a decision.

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1. After finishing basic training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training), how soon can I expect to be deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq and for what time duration?

2. Can you guarantee that I will get the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) that I sign up for and that it won’t change unexpectedly after I finish basic training?

3. How much money can I expect to gain for college after participating in the GI Bill program?

4. Do I qualify for a bonus for my enlistment and/or for my chosen career field? How much will it be and how will the funds be dispersed to me?

5. How long will my enlistment be, specifically? (My Army enlistment was 3 years active duty, 5 years IRR – Inactive Ready Reserves)

6. In regards to my current level of college education, how will that go toward my entering the service at a higher rank upon enlistment?

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Boxers or briefs? Army guys are notoriously playful. :)

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Out of curiosity, why are you interested in enlisting?

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I am currently in the Army. If you have any questions PM me and I will give you the skinny. I am no recruiter, just a tanker willing to give some honest advice.

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@FGS do you drive your tank around on Saturday nights, picking up skirts to take to the discoteque?

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I don’t drive, I command the tank crew….chics dig tanks :)

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@FGS check that link i posted.

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Ask if they enlist the mentally handicapped cause you’re fucking crazy to join the army at the moment

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it doesnt matter what you ask him, because he will lie to you. recruiters HAVE to meet their quota

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@blueknight73 Hence my offer…

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@eponymoushipster Not bad, that wasn’t a tank, it was a BTR-80 but close enough ;)

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@FGS i’m a lover, not a fighter. to me, it’s a car with guns.

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@eponymoushipster no blood, no foul

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Thanks for asking a very relevant question.
Yes, perhaps ask him what his experiences were
like, and also if you are required to
serve in the same capacity throughout,
or if you can change your MOS sometime.

Yes, it is a Very rewarding experience.
Personally and financially, not to mention
vary appreciated by me for one.

Just hope that the don’t ask/tell is repealed…

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you might want to consider remedial English. It’s very hard to follow you

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@SeventhSense it’s actually 1000 monkeys typing on the keyboard all at once.

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hehe ok now it makes sense

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seventh and epony

Are all the threads about you, every time?
Just curious…

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Absolutely. We move with complete ease through the Fluther Matrix to edify the collective and bring Joy to the Sea Creatures

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@Crusader well, since we can speak and write english, the answer seems to be yes. On the other hand, you appear to be a slightly whacked nutjob with a socio-political agenda who is simply spewing hate and quasi-religious tripe across the threads. do you troll other sites or just this one?

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Excerpts From Today’s Military
How is your service branch different from the others?
What is the recruiting process like from beginning to end?
What really goes on in Basic Training?
What are the physical standards candidates have to meet?
What percent of people who start Basic Training complete it?
Can an entrant choose the military job he or she wants? How is the job assignment made?

They have excellent films that you can watch at the office, and they can give you online access to other information. You can feel free to contact your recruiter as any questions come up. Remember, whatever contract you sign after you turn 18 you will be required to complete, so be sure you fully understand it.

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