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Has anyone ever heard of a drive thru liquor store?

Asked by knitfroggy (8944points) April 20th, 2009

A drive thru liquor store just opened in my town. It seems kind of weird to me. My husband thinks it’s horrible and will cause more drink driving in town. I’m not sure what to think…

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Defintely in Tennessee

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yeah, i’ve seen them in several states, as @The_Compassionate_Heretic said, in TN for one. you pull up, pop the trunk, point at what you want, pay the man and drive off.

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Definitely in Kentucky! I think it’s not common in ABC controlled states, where you have packaged goods stores that are regulated. (ABC = Alcohol & Beverage Commission)

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Yes, we have them in WV. Must be a southern state thing.

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We only have Dairy Barn Stores on Long Island, NY and they sell mainly eggs, bread and such but also beer. But in order to buy beer, the law is that you have to step out of your car. I guess to determine your level of sobriety? It’s kind of funny actually. Like you might be driving drunk or something?

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We definitely had them in Louisiana. It doesn’t cause that much drunk driving. Of course, we also had drive through daiquiri stands. Now, if you’re worried about drunk driving, that’s something to think about.

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Excuse me, Alcohol Beverage Control states. It’s been awhile since I had to deal with them…

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Just drove through one an hour ago (Illinois).

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@SeventhSense That’s what my husband is worried about-drunk driving. I personally think if you’re drunk driving you’re gonna do if you have to get out of your car to buy more alcohol or not.

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@jonsblond that was you on the news, driving thru a Cumberland Farms?!

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Yes but I guess ideally they are not supposed to sell to someone who is visibly drunk

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We have them in my area, but they aren’t liquor stores, it’s just beer. You have to go to a state store for liquor. PA is a smart state.

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Yeah, they’re around, never seen one in Virginia though. Then again, I don’t actively seek out my booze, people buy it for the parties I attend usually.

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@casheroo PA is full of crap. i drive to NJ for my booze and adult beverage needs. ;)

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@eponymoushipster I’m not at liberty to discuss that at this time.

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@eponymoushipster lol, yeah it’s annoying. but they’re rich because of it.

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@jonsblond understood

@casheroo they are. damn quakers.

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The drive thru that I go to is located near my children’s school and the park district where my children take classes. It’s convenient for me to drive thru after picking up the children from their class. I doubt that it will cause more drinking and driving. It may cause people to become overweight from being too lazy to step out of their car and walk into the store instead.

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@jonsblond Good point! :)
I doubt I will ever use the drive thru because my liquor store is about 4 blocks from my house and I like to look around and see if I want to try anything new! I don’t know for sure if this place does liquor or just beer. I’m just surprised that the town I live in let the store open.

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@knitfroggy I know what you mean. We have one in a town near us with a population of 2500. It’s one block from a grade school! If they can have one, any town can.

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@jonsblond it’s ok to have it near a school, as long as it has a Big Wheel lane. it’s the law.

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@eponymoushipster It’s a Green Machine lane here in Illinois.

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@eponymoushipster: Quakers are rarely abstainers; Quakers are rarely drunkards; Quakers are usually very sharp businessmen; The Quakers I have known drank in moderation…usually wine or beer. Damn hipsters.

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@gailcalled my greatgrandfather was a Quaker and fought in WWI. guess he wasn’t such a good one; course, wasn’t Nixon supposedly a Quaker too?

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Yep. Brew Thru in the Outer Banks.

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@Eponymous: All I know is that the Quaker community in which I spent 14 years…connected to a school…was wonderful. The Quakes didn’t talk about doing good, they did good in a quiet and unobtrusive manner. They were the best role models I could have wanted for my children.

Nixon was one, I think. He did go to Whittier College, which was owned and operated by The Society of Friends.

Do you have any info about your great grandfather and how he reconciled non-violent solutions with being in the military and actually fighting? It is paradoxical.

When I arrived at the Friends School, I came from NYC and had to tone down my dress, make-up and rather flamboyant hair style. The term for the heavy hints was “being eldered.” But I was married to the Headmaster and had high visibility. So off came the contacts and back went the eyeglasses. It was fine, since my contacts were
driving me nuts by then.

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what’s with the quaker talk?

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@gailcalled i think he was just really bad at being Quaker.

@casheroo dunno. someone really likes oatmeal.

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There is one in Little Rock, AR. They are open all night except for the stupid Sunday rule. I can’t remember the name but the store is walk in too but after a certain hour, it’s drive through only. The only problem I’ve seen is you can’t exactly “shop” around. You just have to know what you want for the most part.

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They have them in Colorado. There was one very near to my high school that was famous for calling the cops on high school kids. I suppose I would do the same at some point. And we had one in Boulder that was awesome on snowy nights. You didn’t even have to get out of the car.

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There is one here in my town in Texas. At least I think there still is. I haven’t been to oe in years and years. It is called “The Beverage Barn” and looks like a red barn that you drive into and then out the other side. I don’t recall them selling anything cold, but they sell cases of various libations and rent out kegs.

In fact, now I remember the only time I went to one was to pick up the keg for my step-son’s wedding reception some 13 or 14 years ago.

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Definitely have Brew-thrus in Maryland! In fact, a friend of the family owned one for years…

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There’s a few in Denver, one right across the street from my apartment, actually. I’ve never gone… I need to.

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We used to have them in New Mexico, but now they are illegal.

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I haven’t ever heard of one, but a search online turns up a few in California.

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I know (from a friend) that they exist in Ohio, too. I’ve lived in both Maryland and West Virginia and have never seen one. I’m feeling deprived. :(

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@augustlan If they have them in Arkansas, you should feel deprived… You missed something, somewhere.

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It sets the stage for a lot of irresponsible people to get themselves (and others) into a world of trouble… responsible people might reap some benefits.. i know i have.. late on my way to a party.. need to contribute.. and like @eponymoushipster said you just pop the trunk, point at what you want, pay the man and drive off.

Worked for me.

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Actually, there isn’t really a huge difference between a drive-through liquor store and a 7–11 or Mini-Mart. You just have to walk a little bit to get what you want in a convenience store versus pull off somewhere and walk around the car to get something out of the case in the trunk.

Since, at least here in Texas, there is an open container law I don’t believe they can just hand it to you while you sit behind the wheel. That is why you need to pop the trunk or let them set it in the bed of your truck.

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we went to one in Ohio. It was like a garage, you drive in and you can see the shelves on the right and left, and the guy picks what you request.

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Yep, they are all over here in Ohio. Especially in the northeast.

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@jca This one is in an old fast food taco resturant, so I’m not sure, I guess you have to know what you want, and I am wondering if they have to put it in your trunk.

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I enjoyed them in Tampa and Atlanta.

They are the very embodiment of civilized society.

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In Illinois, you pull up, get your booze, pay, and the attendant hands it right to the driver.

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