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Playstation 3 online?

Asked by James_Mal (441points) April 20th, 2009

I’m wondering if anyone would like to play sometime of the PSN with me. I enjoy playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Little Big Planet. If you have either of those games, I’d really like playing some time. A private match on Call Of Duty, or a pod invite in Little Big Planet would make playing a lot more fun!

My Playstation name is Zeptogram.

Anyone interested?

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we have Little Big Planet.

When you set your internet up with it, does it drain your computer of the internet? It does that to mine and it’s so annoying.

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It does on occasion, but not always. My dad usually is on his laptop on the same time as me on the PS3, and my brother on is on my MacBook. If anything, I need to plug in the MacBook to an ethernet cable, so I don’t loose wireless connection.

What is your PS3 name? I’ll be able to add you sometime this week hopefully. :)

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I have no clue what the PS3 name is..we only tried it once, and I didn’t like that it sucked the internet from my laptop (my husband plays the ps3 more than me)

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Oh, I realize. It can be quite an annoying thing. Ahaha, I understand how that could turn you away from playing online. :)

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squirbel is my handle

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@squirbel alright! I’ll get you added later today, or maybe tomorrow. But we’ll have to play!

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I’m PS3 online dumb, how do you add friends? :(

It just says mine is empty.

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o, i got it :D google is mah fren

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@squirbel did you add me then? If so, lemme know! If not, I should be able to tonight. maybe we can play, with my brother as well! :D

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Hopefully this aint dead , we have LBP and a few other onliners sandystrachan is the ID . I will add the names above later today :D And i haven’t noticed the ps3 draining the interwebs

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