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What would be different if Hitler was destroyed at birth?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) April 20th, 2009

Today is Adolf Hitlers birth date (not a celebratory statement). Klara Adolf gave birth to a farming painter, who is most commonly known as the devil reincarnate. How would things be different? What would relationships with other countries be like today? Would germany be over populated? Or would some of the most sinister people that accompanied Hitler to the “gates of hell” get the ball rolling in their own way?

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A certain style of mustache would be a lot more popular, and there’d be millions more people and families on the planet.

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Goering would have been the leader of the 3rd Reich and Germany would have won the war. Which means you’d be driving a more reliable car now.

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There wouldn’t have been entire generation gaps lost in the Jewish culture due to the mass exterminations.

We wouldn’t have Neo-Nazi wannabees still goose stepping around Germany and elsewhere still hoping for the return of the disgusting and abhorrent Third Reich.

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We fucked Germany at the end of WWI. It became the rallying cry of a country awash in poverty, starvation, and political strife. If Hitler hadn’t stepped in and filled the dictator shoes someone else would have. Stalin did it in Russia and killed with the same broad strokes as Hitler.

A man doesn’t choose his time. Time chooses the man.

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Nothing would have changed..someone else would have taken his place.

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Eva Braun would seem a lot more attractive

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There would be more Catholics, homosexuals, gypsy’s and Jews. And Monti Python would hardly be as popular.

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Well we certainly wouldn’t have had this classic

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This question wouldn’t exist.

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We will never truely know, will we…

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Rather than Hitler being destroyed at birth, a far better outcome would have been his acceptance by theVienna School of Art at which he applied. Had they accepted him, or helped him get into architectural school (where his real talent lay) Hitler would have went down in history as a 3rd rate painter, or a 2rd rate architect, and not as the monster he has come to symbolize. I have to agree that the British style of mustache he wore would be a lot more popular as well.

And WW2? Hell, the thugs and no-accounts he ran with would have done the same evil that they did, and probably won the freaking war. And we’d all be speaking German.

A lot of historians and students of history have asked this question, and most historians agree that it wouldn’t have made much difference, considering the horrible state of world affairs after WW1.

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The Truth is setting you all free.

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@Crusader that doesn’t even make any sense.

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Truth of the matter,
There would have been a War regardless of the leader.
Hitler was the ideal candidate, for world leaders,
to villify, demonize, and satyrize, and Germans indirectly,
while profiting handsomely as neutrals during the war…

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Hitler’s Dad should have learned to pull out.

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@Kiev749 they didn’t invent anal in Prussia til 1926.

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Germany probably would have won—or at least done a lot better.

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Germany would not have won the war. We won because it was the most righteous cause and the principles were something that soldiers could rally around. That system could never prevail. It was too divisive at its core. Fascism is its own undoing eventually. It doesn’t represent the highest ideals of individuals plain and simple. It only masquerades as such to serve the state.

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@SeventhSense there were a lot of mistakes made during WW2, many of them on the German side, but there were plenty made on the Allies side as well. We were fortunate that Hitler broke his non-aggression pact with the Soviets, and turned it into a two-prong war. That was the main thing to break down the might of the German military machine.

The Duce was a coward, which Hitler knew and despised him for, but he had his ‘uses’ to the fascists. Had Hitler and Stalin joined forces, and stayed in sync, there would have been a very different outcome to that war.

The fact that the Allies were able to decode the Enigma machine, and that Hitler turned back from Britian because of his hydrophobia (he was scared to death of crossing the English Channel), as well as the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, which they did without Hitler’s approval, these and many other things were the downfall of Hitler and his repressive regime. That, and he was a lousy tactician when it came to battles. All decisions regarding both fronts had to be cleared by him, and he sucked at delegating authority.

Losing that war came a lot closer for the Allies than many people think. Had America continued its isolationist view, the outcome would have been very different. Remember, Henry Ford admired Hitler, and kept a framed photograph of the dictator in his office. Several US companies supplied the Germans with military hardware at the beginning of the war. It was all about profit, not about ideals.

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Well if the alternative is a society that destroys children at birth for things they may have do in the futures then I don’t think it would be any different than if the Nazis had won the war.

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What was that a little anti abortion plug?

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