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How do I clean my laptop monitor?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) April 20th, 2009

I have a Dell laptop, about four years old (and to be replaced soon, probably). The screen is getting pretty streaky. You can’t tell when it’s on, but you can definitely tell when the screen goes black. I’ve wiped it with a dry towel, and I don’t want to spray anything on it that might damage it. How do you clean yours?

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Do not spray anything on the screen.
Use a soft cloth like you would use to clean you eye glasses.
Spray a solution of lcd monitor cleaner on the the cloth, let it dry a little and then wipe down your monitor. Use smooth even strokes.

NEVER use anything containing ammonia such as glass cleaner. Ammonia will damage your screen.

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We use eyeglass cleaner. It helps that my boss’s wife owns an optical dispensary, so we can get the stuff in mass quantities!

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I use a wet (not dripping) microfiber clothe on a Sony Vaio using soft pressure.

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We buy electronics wipes in the electronics department at Walmart. They smell terrible, kind of like rubbing alcohol, but we use them on our laptops, cell phone screens, nintendo ds, just about everything electronic. They work really well.

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Electrasol makes Electronic Cleaning Wipes that are safe for your monitor (these are usually found with cleaning supplies…there are usually cloths and wipes available in the electronic section of a store, but they can be almost twice the cost of what you can find with general cleaning supplies). Microfiber cleaning cloths, lens cleaning cloths (for glasses, CD’s, cameras, etc.) are also an easy way to clean your screen because all you have to do is wipe. Pledge makes a multisurface cleaner for glass, wood, electronics and more. It’s available in the standard aerosol can as well as in disposable wipe form.
I’ve used all three of these and would personally recommend the Electrasol Cleaning Wipes for the easiest and best clean.

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What i do to clean all my screens desktop , laptop, and all my portable screens even my television screen WD40 ( that’s lubricant for chains and things ) . Couple quick squirts then wipe off the screen keeps them cleaner for longer as it repels the dirt and dust even finger prints .

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Your rental store should have the Acme hi-pressure washer; or hold it out the window
when you next visit the auto-wash!
(will clean that sucker off, real good boy)!

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May I add that anti-stat spray applied after cleaning screen with eye-glasses sprayer
(cheap at Walmart®, and soft cloth (I use a Fender® [cool!]guitar polishing cloth) will
keep airborne dust off for you.

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