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How could I make money by hitch hiking across the country?

Asked by bingoland (28points) April 20th, 2009

I recently left my job and don’t want to just jump into something else. I want to be open to where I will be the most fulfilled and also the place that I can most add to the world. I want to do something to help change the world for the better. But I worked at school for troubled kids so don’t have tons of dough in the bank. Any ideas on how to make money on the road? I know blogging and I photograph so I could set up a website and sell photographs but I need something to make like 50$ a week. I want to think of something no one else has. Any ideas?

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Alfreda stole my real answer.

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All the kids I know hitchhiking and riding rails fly signs. What I mean is a sign with “Spare Some Change?” or something more creative.Be creative and post up somewhere with lots of traffic like a fast food line. wal-mart entrance, trendy part of town.

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I have composed 11 seperate answers in my head. I can’t see any of them being allowed. I bid you good luck and good day.

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I have found in my travels that you can always make a buck if you are willing to be less than the ceo of a Fortune 500 corp.. Tourists towns are the best, every other store usually has a sign in the window. In the country picking fruit/veg is always good. I have never worried, I have always found a job when I needed cash and I never begged or resorted to the sex trade, I mean honest work for an honest dollar.

Have fun and be brave and mighty forces will come to your aid.

Australia is a great place to backpack!

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Jack them bitches’ cars!

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Work in the back of restaurants washing dishes for a week or two at a time until you have enough to make the next leg of the journey.

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There are openings in every city in hospitals and nursing homes for personal attendants and such.

In LA there are some people who are offering to be a rider so the driver can drive in the car pool lane. They just stand at the entrance nearest the beginning of the car pool lane with signs.

Many animal hospitals need workers to clean up.

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Cheers! Thanks all.
may you change the world!

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It also helps if you are musically inclined. I hitch hiked all over the US in the ‘70’s, and my ability to entertain provided me with food and/or shelter more times than I can remember.

“hey, is that a guitar?” “yeah” “can you play it?” “yeah” “why dontcha play us a song?”

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you should get together all the money you can & get a small mobile home. then, you’ll at least have a place to crash at night. like pete the potthepothead said- get jobs at restuarants washing dishes or look at pennysavers & clean gutters/yard work. regardless: good luck!!:)

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sell advertising space on your pack?

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You walk up to random people and say “For Five dollars! I can show you how to make 1,000’s of dollars, in just a single day – no gimmicks!”

and when they hand you the money – run like hell.

If you think about it.. you did kinda show them how to do it.

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