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Have you ever fell in love with someone you met on the internet and did it work?

Asked by jessicar (225points) April 20th, 2009
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Why yes it did! I met Kelly27 online. It is totally possible.

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Yes… and no.. it didn’t work.

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Yep. It can work. I met my boyfriend almost 8 years ago on the Internet. We talked for 2 years before we met, and we’ve been together since.

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I met my girl on line. Totally by accident, and not on a dating site. It was a site similar to this one. We met in real life, and had eachother ever since.

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@boots You’re making me feel all gooey…..

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Yes I did. Her name is Asmonet.

She won’t return my calls.

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@FGS Gooey? Eww…

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I met my girlfriend online! She is the most amazing person I have honestly ever met. We have only been together for 8 months, but I know it is going to be for the rest of our lives.

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Part 1: Yes. Part 2: No.

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Back off, blondie, she’s mine!
Me, you, outside in five!

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@DesireeCassandra is my girlfriendddd :) we met online and are completely in love!!

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Um, I totally have dibs on asmonet!

Unless you can room for me in your house, @jonsblond. ;)

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@Jayne Think she’ll want you after you get your ass whupped by a girl?

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I met her online. We had a nice conversation. We hit it off swimmingly. Met in person and she was a BIG GIRL. Became FRIENDS. She wanted more.
Mercy kicked her to the curb. :)

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it’s working quite well

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I once fell in love with someone I first met online, we helped each other through life changing circumstances but didn’t craft as a couple as he went from the frying pan into the fire while everything got better for me.

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I met my future brother in law on line-went to meet him at a local bar and didn’t like him…but I LOVED his brother. We’ve been married for 10 years now and I still don’t like my brother in law! My sister met her husband thru online classified ads. They’ve been married 8 years. So it’s possible.

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No, and it worked out fine.

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@jonsblond, oh, we’re not fighting, we’re having a juggling contest! Oh snap, betcha didn’t see that one coming, didja now?

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like boots and FGS I met my partner on in 2007…now we’re married, raising 2 kids, loving every second of it…

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@Jayne See what? Asmonet and I are too busy mackin. Did I miss something?

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I just went to a wedding this weekend for a couple who met on myspace.

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I guess my love for jonsblond is unrequited. /sniff/

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Yes, he’s applying to jobs in my city.

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Yes, it will be 6 years next month :)

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Yup. We were together for over a year. Ultimately though, the stress of saving money to see him and planning and the general stress of the distance and being tied down to someone who wasn’t even here ended up just making me start to resent him in the end.

Note: Long distance relationships – not that great for teenagers who can’t travel.

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@Jayne Don’t be sad. I’m sure she has enough love to go around. :)

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That I do, I save the fancy stuff for the juggling boys.

Sorta, I’ll let you know when I know.

And my half sister met her current husband online, through a dating site I think. They’re going on two years now I think.

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