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Why would a man become a gynecologist?

Asked by electricsky (825points) April 20th, 2009

This may be… I don’t know, close-minded? Mind-in-the-gutter-ish? But I literally cannot think of a logical reason for a man to become a gynecologist except… pervyness. Partly because I saw a Post Secret entry a long time ago (can’t find the link to it) that said “I wanted to become a gynecologist… for all the wrong reasons.”

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A genuine interest in women’s health?
I’m totally 2 faced on this issue. I am all for men becoming gynos, but I won’t go to one.

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@Likeradar i think going to a man would be a better experience, since they know how stuff down there

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My cousin’s husband works for Planned Parenthood as a nurse, so not exactly a gynecologist, but he doesss look at vaginas all day. He comes home with some fantastic stories! I should ask him why he went into his chosen profession…

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Not to suck the fun out of the room, but a lot of new gynos are also adding urology, since women prefer to have one doctor for all their lady issues.

That doesn’t answer the question, though…

I suppose it’s so they can practice their love with women.

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I can tell you pfrom personal experience in certain gynecological issues that have come up in my practice… i derive NO PLEASURE from delivering babies, diagnosing andy and all vaginal infections or anything of the sort. I am a GP… not a gynecologist. Out here we have to do a bit of everything.

The mentality a doctor uses while treating patients is not the same used while socializing. Your mindset is far removed from anything even remotely sexual. It is a clinical situation and is seen from a strictly academic POV.

There may be some exceptions but all doctors in their core are all about helping people (some are really into money.. but that’s a secondary perk for some). I’m sure it wasn’t meant that way but i find it insulting that anyone would suggest that the treatment of our patients is anything but professional and has any sexual connotation.

Gynecologists become gnecologists because their experience and abilities developed during medical school and internship steered them towards that particular specialty. It’s what they are good at and has nothing to do with being a perv.

Ehat if you gynecologist were a lesbian? would that make you uncomfortable? it’s the same situation… nothing sexual involved… but would you go?

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If I were going to see a penis specialist, I’d want it to be a woman.

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@Dr_C: “Gynecologists become gnecologists because their experience and abilities developed during medical school and internship steered them towards that particular specialty. It’s what they are good at and has nothing to do with being a perv.”

Thank you. That was the kind of answer I was looking for.
However I still wouldn’t go to a male gynecologist, or even a lesbian one, because there may only be a 1 in a million chance that that gynecologist isn’t in that profession for the right reason, but I’d rather not take the chance of ending up with that 1, male or female.

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@electricsky that’s perfectly understandable… no matter what you should go see a doctor you can trust and are comfortable with.

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I can’t answer your actual question, because I’m neither a man nor a gynecologist. However, from a personal perspective; I’ve never seen anything but men gyno’s. The first walked me through years of struggling with endometriosis and 3 surgeries that allowed me to get pregnant. After he died, I found another wonderful Dr. that ushered me through two pregnancies & 2 c-sections with compassion and great care. I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with male ob/gyn’s.

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@Facade they know how to “do stuff”...“down there” and other women don’t?
That stuff is built right in. I’m fairly certain the number of women who know their way around a vagina is much higher than the number of men who know how their way around a vagina and other related parts. I imagine medical education experience can only enhance that.

What Dr. C said.
There could be a ton of reasons from personal to professional.
Personally, I can’t fault a man for wanting to be a beacon of promoting and encouraging good vaginal, urinal, and anal health of the world’s ladies. I think the “pervyness” level of them wanting to do that is an “eye of the puritanical beholder” kind of thing.

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I don’t think it’s any different than someone becoming a proctologist or a pediatrician. They are interested in that area-I don’t see anything wrong with it and prefer to go to a male gyno-I don’t want another woman lookin’ at me that way.

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I can absolutely understand why anyone who’s interested in science and the human body would be fascinated by the female reproductive system. Every one of us owes our existence to the miracles that it works. With the possible exception of the human brain, what could be more magical?

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why would a woman become a construction worker?

^that seems shovenist doesn’t it? it’s the same concept.

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@Facade- women have the bits, for the most part they know how things feel. I’ve known plenty of men who would need a road-map to get from point a to point b down there. ;)

GA, @Dr. C!

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I like “shovenist!”

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Why would anyone want to become a colorectal surgeon? They deal with asses all day. You could do this with almost any medical specialty. We need those doctors to specialize in all fields, no matter their gender.
I personally think male OB/GYNs are more gentle. The women GYN’s I’ve seen always appear to think I’m exaggerating my pain, and the male doctors..since they’ve never been through it..are more likely to listen and help me out. I was having severe pain after I gave birth, the female OB brushed me off, the male doctor found I was having uterine spasms. Thank god he listened!
I’ve had a good experience over all with both male and female doctors, in all fields. So, when I don’t like a doctor, I tend to blame it more on their personality and not on their gender.

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Ive had both male and female Gynos..personally i prefer the male because the female was so rough then acted annoyed when i complained of pain because of her roughness. Just because shs’s use to taking a beating down there doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. The males are always more gentle. I will never go to a female gyno again

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@evsma77 and @casheroo Interesting… I guess I’m just weirded out about talking to any dude, even someone who isn’t thinking of my lady parts as something sexual, about some of the shit that can go on down there. I’ve had some female gynos that suck, I’m just more comfortable with them in general. I guess like anything, it depends on the particular doctor.

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For a long time, the only medical specialists in Trinidad were male. Female gynecologists were extremely rare, and the first, and only, one I met was the doctor who treated me during my pregnancy. This had to do with access to funding: until women were treated equally with men in the granting of scholarships, loans, etc. it was not common to see them in the specialties. So one learned not to be too delicate, but generally, a (female) nurse is present while an examination is going on.

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He cunt get certified as a proctologist?

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i can’t imagine that being a gynecologist would be that sexually arousing honestly. it’s not like the guy gynos get to pick which women they want to check out, etc.
i mean, i’d be uncomfortable having a guy gyno, but i don’t think there’s anything wrong or perverted about them… or at least about most of them.

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What a strange question. Do you think women who choose to go into proctology are perverts as well?

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@preggers Im going to go with no. I mean do you really think a mans asshole is all that attractive?

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@uberbatman A vagina in need of medical attention isn’t too pretty either!
(I’m going with go with no as well…just in case that wasn’t clear.)

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good point, but regular check ups cant be that bad :P no one ever wants to look in a mans ass.

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I bet a gyno sees so many vaginas a day that he could absolutely care less what mine or any other woman’s looks like, smells like, or feels like. I’m assuming that most are looking at them in a clinical sense and not a sexual one though I don’t doubt there is a perv or two in the bunch!

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