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What are your "foot-in-mouth" moments?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11295points) April 21st, 2009

One time a co-worker was going on a trip (submarine deployment) .. he was a balding man.. knowing such deployments are stressful.. as I said “see ya later”.. I added “come back with some hair”. What I meant was that I didn’t want him to be too stressed out on the trip.. you know.. pull your hair out type thing.. but obviously the way I said it… led him to turn and say “hey!” .. in the “that-was-very-rude-why-did-you-say-that” voice….. I don’t know how these words come to me but… they do…

His wife was with him at the time and she didn’t seem to understand what I meant either.. they both thought I was just mocking his baldness…I never saw him again and I always felt guilty about that.

Please give me your foot-in-mouth moments? I have a couple more… somehow I say the wrong things…

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I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I can think of one I just BARELY prevented. I was talking to my sisters very pregnant friend who happens to be only 16. (Now I don’t support teenage pregnancy but it happened and we’re dealing with it.) Anyways, we were talking about a friend’s daughter who got lice from preschool. When she changed the subject I was thinking to myself “man I don’t know WHAT I would do if I got pregnant” (I’m in college, it wouldn’t be good) and I started the sentence ” I would just die…” and caught myself by saying “if I got lice”... instead of the “if I got pregnant” which I was thinking.

Thinking back on it it was kind of shallow of me to think like that and if I ever did get pregnant it wouldn’t be the death of me. That friend has since had her daughter and she is the cutest thing and basically we don’t know what we’d do WITHOUT her at this point.

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I hate when people say “That is so gay.”, meaning they think something is stupid, or something. I’m not entirely clear on why people say that. By hating it so much, I never use the phrase. Unless you count the two times I was talking to my gay friend, and I said “That is so gay.” What’s the deal? How does that work?

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@sevenfourteen LUCKY you held it back. =D I seem to have a delay on my hold backs.

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That’s about the only one I’ve ever been able to catch, and I’m so glad for it. But I also like to cause other people’s foot-in-mouth moments. Ex- my friend is trash talking someone or some idea in whatever way he/she can think of. My response is to say I’m good friends w/the person being trash talked or support the idea they’re bashing. Shuts people up pretty fast, and makes them rethink what they say before they have vomit of the mouth. Although I’m capable of it too :(

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