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Help! My nose was running yesterday, ears hurt, and teeth started to ache; what is it?

Asked by janbb (51185points) April 21st, 2009

I am away from home in Florida so can’t get to my regular doctor or dentist. It was very rainy yesterday so I thought it was allergies (streaming nose.) I took a benadryl at night, woke up in the night with aching ears, sinuses, and teeth (left side only). Took another benadryl and still feel bad today but not as bad. Is this a sinus infection, cold, allergies or tooth problem (snot was clear)? Should I see someone or wait another day? Dentist or doctor? I fly home on Friday.

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Maybe it’s a sinus infection, my sister had a bad toothache and it turned out to be sinus problems. Since your ear is hurting too, that’s what it sounds like to me anyway. I’m no doctor, obviously, but after a lifetime of sinus/allergy problems sometimes I feel like an expert! :)

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I just got over the same thing..take some sinus medication…

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I agree that it sounds sinus related. When my sinuses are full my teeth ache terribly. I would try an OTC sinus/allergy med and if you have no relief, definitely head to a Dr…especially if you need to fly. Keep in mind that there are 2 grades of meds now; those on the shelves and the more potent versions that you have to ask the pharmacist for (but need no RX for). I have had good look with Advil Sinus (the more potent version). Feel better!

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Sounds like a sinus infection/upper respiratory infection to me, too. Often sinus pain will show up as tooth pain. I suspect the mucus is clear because a) it is just starting and b) you are still dealing with just a virus, not a secondary bacterial infection. I would try sinus meds from the drug store, plenty of fluids, and bed rest, but if it gets worse get to a minor emergency center of some sort.

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Thanks all. I’ll try the sinus med and see how I feel by tomorrow. There is a local walk-in medical care place I can go to.

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Hope you feel better soon @janbb!

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An alternative method is to eat spicy foods, (to break up the mucous), as much black pepper as you can stand mixed in a tablespoon of honey a couple of times a day, and finally tea. Make sure you boil the water some fresh Ginger.
These will all help break up the mucous and expell it from your body, without side effects.
Hope you feel better.

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Try squirting some mild saline solution (1 t. per 1 cup of water) into your nostrils. Use a little rubber baby syringe, and lean over the sink.

My teeth ached during a horrible sinus infection several weeks ago; my eyes ached also.

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It’s your sinuses…duh

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You may just have a head cold. This is not good if you are going to be flying home. I just had to fly with a head cold and went to the doctor first. He gave me mucinex to soften up the gunk, antibiotics (z pack) and told me to take sudafed before I flew. The benadryl won’t work if it’s a cold. It’s an antihistamine. Sudafed is a decongestant. I don’t like to take decongestants because I feel like they prolong a cold. I only took it the day I flew. I also got a nettie pot. It is a natural way to loosen up the sinus congestion. I also took zycam from the time I realized I caught my grand son’s cold. I survived the trip to Vegas with out much ear pain. I am still taking the zycam and the mucinex though!

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