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Is my TV about to blow up?

Asked by nebule (16446points) April 21st, 2009

I turned the TV on this morning and I have a circular rainbow effect going on…I can’t seem to get rid of it…I have checked all the connections… is it broken and irreparable? Is it going to blow up?

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I dont think TV’s blow up spontaneously. Its probably the tube, which is usually fixable but very pricey..oftentimes youd be better off buying a new one

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i only got to say one thing, if that TV is old trow it in the trash and get yourself a fresh TV but if its a new TV then you could fix it but it would take some money out of your pocket

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i can’t really answer this, but that sounds like it would look really cool.

but i’m sorry that your tv is broken/going to explode/etc. ):

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lol @tiffyandthewall it does quite!! I’m going to throw it out…someone else suggested that their could be a magnet somewhere in the vicinty of the TV as this can cause this effect sometimes..but I can’t see one! It’s an old TV so it’s probably just had enough and wants a rest now…

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I don’t know-my wife went crazy, and called me at work to tell me that the TV spontaneously combusted, or something. All I know it stunk when I got home
One thing is for sure is they don’t make them like they use to, in terms of longevity.
Just beware, if you ever here the snap, crackle and pop to pull the plug.

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It sounds like your tv needs demagnatising, when this happened to my tv, the tv repair man came round with a big poweerful manet waved it in a circular motion a few times and hey presto like maic the funny colours were gone!

Hope you get the problem solved and safetly too!

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