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Does the Art Institute drug test?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) April 21st, 2009

I was just curious. California State Schools don’t I believe and I was told that some private schools do.

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Yes. You are required to identify drugs after ingestion.

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I teach at an Art Institute (in Brookline, MA) and they have never drug tested me (in the year-plus I’ve been there).

I’m not certain about students.

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That info must be disclosed. Check the website under admissions. I seriously doubt it, though.

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I’ve never heard of a school drug testing, for admissions.

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It’s an art school. Do you have any idea how much money they would lose if they kicked students after a drug test?

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If they did most (if not all the profs) and most of the studends will fail.
Not exactly condusive to having a viable business model. ;)

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I just checked with my niece who attends the one in New York, and she said she was not tested.

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What if one were to win a full ride scholarship there?

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Depends on who provides the scholarship. If it’s DARE, then probably yes. Otherwise, again, I doubt it.

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