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Who are you in the realm of fantasy?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1425points) April 21st, 2009

You are one of the main characters of a fantasy novel, what is your role, what is your name?

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I’m bob_. I’m Monica Bellucci’s lover.

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A knight? I don’t really know what “fantasy novel” means.. so I’m gonna go with medieval.

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anonymous, immortal firebird who helps answer the main character’s questions

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Hmmm the main character I usually portray in anything I write is a half breed girl (Half witch half fire elf. . .i don’t know if those thing exists anywhere else but my stories oh well) named Raven, she’s a recluse who is somewhat blinded by her desire to help others without any assistance and she tends to get in over her head. Stupid kind of cliche character I know but thats what I got

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I would be the sage. And my name would be… my name. Rowan MacBean. It’d totally work in a fantasy novel.

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Reckless knight (on a black horse) fighting till death for the main character’s good cause.

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Gandalf the Grey. That’s the one that died and came back from Hell with a grudge against magogs.

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Zebral-Kaa, the evil and always horny half man half zebra satyr sorceror known for carrying off defenseless maidens after kicking the knights to death. Which novel is that from? The one I have yet to write. I love me some good villians.

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@Jack79 “magogs”?
don’t you mean “Balrogs”? the greatest of all the servants of Sauron?

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OK everyone, ‘nuff of the ‘knight’ life . . . When it comes to being a KNYHT, leave it to the professional! ahem! Modesty and chilvarous conduct does not permit me to point myself out as a prime example of studly knyhtliness! X D

I think I would like to be Druss the Legend!

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@TheKNYHT probably, played too much Homm3 recently. I meant the fiery demonic thing that dragged Gandalf down into the pits of Moria. May have been called a Balrog (magogs are smaller anyway).

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@Jack79 yep! demz Balrogs, of the Maiar that Sauron, and even Saruman, and Gandalf (all the so-called ‘wizards’ 5 of which came to Middle Earth) are members of.

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