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If my adopted friend asks for a birth certificate, what version do they get?

Asked by livejamie (111points) April 21st, 2009

If an adopted person (born in IL in 1985) were to contact the CDC/Vital Records for a birth certificate—would the person be sent the original with biological parents, or would they be sent a modified version with the adopted parents?

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They would get a copy of the original

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as an adopted child, i dont get my originial birth certificate per say, but i get a copy of one like it. i’m not sure of your friend’s circumstances, but it will probably be something like it.

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If it included the birth parents info wouldn’t that make finding your birth parents easy? I always thought that was a hard thing to do. I would think it would say something like “Unknown” or have the adopting parents name.

My friend was adopted and tried to find his birth mother. It wasn’t as simple as getting a new birth certificate from vital records. That was in Oregon.

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I am from Illinois, and my BC has the names of the adopted parents.

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You also have to remember that you don’t have to have two names on a birth certificate. It could just have your mothers.

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You can only get the revised certificate. We have both of my daughter’s birth certificates but only the most recent one is legally valid. The original record is sealed and a copy can only be had by court order.

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As an adoptive mom, the certificate my boys have/will get will have my name and my hubby’s. (Ohio) In 99% of the states, when you adopt, the state issues a NEW birth certificate. The original is then sealed. These children are also eligiable to obtain a new ssn. That way, thier previous live is literally erased, and they are allowed to live as new!

Funny in our case we adopted brothers, Mine and hubbys ages are adjusted to be the age we were when they were born, but their certificates are sequentiually <s> numbered.

They know they were adopted (7 & 3 at the time) 19 & 15 now. Neither at this point have any desire to find their birth folks. Their opinion is they gave “birth” but we are their parents.

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You make a good point. My parents are on my birth certificate, the “sperm donor” and “rent-a-womb” are not.

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@Skippy and @DrBill I have the same deal… sorta. My mother got pregnant with me in college and the “sperm donor” I actually use that term because I don’t even want to know his name took off never to be heard from again. Even if I were to ever accidentally run into the prick, I would have no good words to say to him. I’m sure my fists would convey most of my communication. So to save everyone the trouble, I have, and will always call the man my Mom married when I was four, Dad.

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If you were adopted then you will get a version with your adopted parents on it. I was adopted and my birth certificate has my adopted parents names. At the time of adoption you seal the original record. I don’t believe you can get a copy of the sealed birth certificate except under certain circumstances. I would recommend calling the record department of Illinois and asking them if you can obtain a copy.

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In Illinois you have to have a court order.

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@DrBill my oldest has used those same terms regarding the “birth folks” although, he does refer to the birth mother as the “super womb” She had about 10 that we all know of!

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my rent-a-womb had 11 total

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I believe it depends on the state regulations. My son was adopted in Colorado by my husband, and his birth certificate shows his adopted father in the father space.

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My daughter is adopted, but her birth certificate makes no distinction about it.

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In DC, The birth certificate is blue if your under 18, and ot shows your adopted parents name, while if your over 18, you can get a copy of the original from your adoption agency(The one you came from). They get a hold of the certificate through the legal system to kind stop people from looking for you, I guess kinda like a you had one shot to be a parent thing.

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