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What instrument do you have to use more air for: clarinet, alto sax, or base clarinet?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) April 21st, 2009

I play clarinet but next year i might be able to play base clarinet or sax, and i want to know whick one you have to blow more air in.

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I would say the bass clarinet if it is the largest. I briefly played an alto flute and it required a lot more air than the standard flute.

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I made an easy transition from clarinet to alto saxophone. You need to blow a little more air into a saxophone, but I enjoyed playing the saxophone over a clarinet.

I never tried a base clarinet. I would guess that it would compare to an alto sax. (just a guess)

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I played bass clarinet in middle school (so fun)... I vaguely recall that it was tougher than a regular clarinet, but not as demanding as trumpet seemed. Memory could be serving me wrong, though.

Bet a bassoon takes more than any of those. :)

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Oops. Can’t believe I put base. :P

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uh oh , i put base too

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As someone who has played all three, I found that the bass clarinet took alot more. However, you don’t specify what type of saxaphone so can’t really make a comparison.

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@Raggedy_Ann The questioner did mention alto saxophone. Which instrument did you enjoy the most?

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@jonsblond Sorry! I need to learn how to read. I actually played bari sax which is bigger and has a lower sound than alto. I have also played alto and tenor but of the three bari sax was my favorite.

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@Raggedy_Ann I’m envious of you. I had a hard enough time playing the low notes on the alto. :)

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@jonsblond Thanks. It wasn’t easy but it was so much fun.

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well it takes different types of blowing to make different noises, but the saxophone has you use more air.

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