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Why is there not a urinal in every home?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) April 21st, 2009 from iPhone

If your a male, why don’t you have one?

I don’t have one yet. But I def want one.

Women: it’s a no brainer. Let’s eliminate pee on the toilet seat forever!

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Because toilets do the same job, men just be clean and you don’t need a urinal stop being a slob.
Was thinking of putting because sinks do the same job.

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Not all homes have only males. They don’t install toilets on request. You of course can get one installed post buying the house if you wish.

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Urinals are useful in public bathrooms because they make the use of the plumbing more efficient. In home bathrooms, where you only ever have one person at a time most of the time anyway, you’d have two fixtures where only one was ever used at a time and one was capable of doing everything the other could.

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Scooby snacks?!

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I have one. I put it in my basement. I simply love it. So do my friends. Sometimes I think they hold it until they get to my house. “Hey man! i really got to use the john in the basement”

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The short answer is maintenance. Why have 2 fittings to clean when 1 will do (incidentally, @TheLoneMonk, who cleans your urinal?)

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No men in my household. Why would I need a urinal?

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I’ve lived in apartments with micro-bathrooms where you’d have to install it in the shower (just pee at the drain) or above the toilet (just pee in the toilet) or under the sink (ok that’s just fucking retarded) or next to the door where… well.. you can’t put plumbing there because the wall separating the hall and the bathroom isn’t thick enough.

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I sit down when I pee, so it’s not a problem with urine on the seat at home or any other home I visit either.

It is sometimes a bit uncomfortable though and you have to get used to it. The standard toilet is not really made to make it easy for a man to sit and pee. If you don’t understand why, the urine tube or what you call it in english, is somewhat different than with women. Imagine folding a garden hose and the turn it on.

It’s not hard to understand that sometimes there can be problems with that, and sometimes it kind of hurts. But there are perks with that when you get used to it, cause even if you think you are putting it all in the toilet and don’t miss at all, the truth is that you are kind of spraying it around, whatever you do. You just don’t see the tiny drops flying all over.

I wouldn’t sit down though – not even at gun point – on a club or a bar toilet to pee, and the urinal is a great thing.

But I don’t see why you can’t just sit down instead of standing when you are at home.

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@oratio No worries. I was trained that way by my mother as well. Though standing seems to be innate for me.

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@Haroot Ha ha, thank you for that. I love you too.

Yeah, well, I think we all have the right to pee the way we want to. That’s what our forefathers fought for. That, voting and things like the Iraq and such as.

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There is. It’s called the sink.

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I’ve got many of them – outside. I don’t have to waste well water flushing. .

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Because, for the number of men who would normally use it – for it is obviously only men that CAN use it – it wouldn’t be worth the bother, expense and extra space taken up in the bathroom. Surely that’s obvious? I can’t believe no-one else said it. Cost-benefit analysis, people!

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Urinals are meant for sporting events and concerts, not homes.
Also you can’t buy urinal cakes at the grocery store.

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I have a urinal. It is called my front porch.

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how do your neighbours feel about it?

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Neighbors? You mean coyotes and bobcats? They do it too

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@bea: Not much to clean, really. I have an automatic dispenser for a cleaning chemical that goes off when the urinal flushes. Other than that a little drain cleaner every now and again and mopping around the base. It’s not like a public urinal where people throw all sorts of shit into it. Easy to clean.

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It isn’t an efficient use of space – only one use (as opposed to the multiple uses of a regular toilet or even bidet). It’s more of a luxury, and not one that I imagine would lend itself to good resale value of a property.

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It is a much more efficient use of water though. Might be worth looking into to save the world…...

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@lataylorNeighbors? You mean coyotes and bobcats? They do it too
This is one of the rare occasions when I, a woman, feel deprived. I have had some experience of squatting behind a bush – public toilets are a very recent thing in some countries.

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I have seen some low water toilets/urinals with a layer of oil floating on the water. There is no odor at all. “Water” is heavier than oil and sinks to the bottom immediately. Only occasional flushing is necessary and a vegetable oil layer is automatically spread on top. They use these where water is scarce and proper decorum dictates privacy. (Like on top of Mt Fuji.)

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The better question is why are there not bidets in every bathroom. And the reason this is a better question is because bathrooms already have sinks to pee into. But they do not have butt crack washing machines.

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My feelings exactly.

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