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What is a great Mexican-style casserole recipe?

Asked by alossforwords (597points) April 21st, 2009

Help me. I’m hungry. You don’t have to keep it simple (I have some culinary skills), but what is your favorite?

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I have made a Layered Chicken and Black Bean Enchilada casserole before. It was pretty good, I did change the recipe a tad just to reflect my spice taste buds (I like everything extremely spicy). That site also has a video showing how to make it, which you don’t really need to follow if you have culinary skills, but I link to it because of the other recipe links they have on that page. Especially the Red Enchilada Sauce recipe is what made that casserole an instant win. I also like that it lasts for a while, is fast and easy to make and easy to reheat!

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@PnL Those are just chicken enchiladas. That is how my granny always made them. ;)

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Meat, tomatoes, chiles, tortillas, cheese.

Mix it up however ya want :D

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My grandma makes “enchilasagna.” It’s all the ingredients of enchiladas, but put in layers like a lasagna. Good stuff.

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I make mexican lasagna – pretty much the same as @Allie‘s enchilasagna:

Layer in a casserole dish:
– black beans
– grated cheese
– corn tortillas, cut into 1” wide strips
– sour cream
– salsa

Repeat layers 2 1/2 times, ending with a grated cheese layer on top. Bake @ 350 for 20–30 minutes – until it’s all hot and bubbly – and then top with guacamole. So yummy!

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