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Should we be concerned about this girl?

Asked by phoenyx (7377points) April 21st, 2009

Both of this seven-year-old’s parents work; they allow her to wander each day, unattended, in a high crime area (frequent robberies). She wears the same outfit (pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks) every day and skips school. She may be familiar to you.

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No but seriously, support your local Latchkey programs.

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It’s a cartoon. Anything can happen thats G rated. But good question.

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Yes, we should be concerned about her welfare and we should also be indignant about the fact that her parents are generally irresponsible and neglectful regarding the care of the child. Someone call CPS.

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No, she has thousands of people watching her every day, if there was a problem, we would save her.

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Really, the crime can be averted if we all just tell that darn swiper not to swipe. Also, she’s been seven for a few years now. I call foul. I think I saw her with boobies the other day.

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Nah, she has a monkey with cool shoes watching out for her. Besides, if she or the monkey get in trouble they can always call her cousin. I think I’d be much more worried about these meddling teenagers. They have a big car with a tank full of gas, an appetite for adventure and zero supervision. Can you say CPS?

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After looking at the picture of Dora again, I’ve determined that she looks relatively happy but the pet monkey (a.k.a. Boots) looks severely malnourished. Someone call PETA.

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@Bluefreedom, the chicken in this picture gets all the food. Let PETA know about that when you make the call.

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@SuperMouse. Will do. And I’m with you on your concerns about Scooby and his gang of meddling, heathenous teenagers in your previous answer. They look positively nefarious.

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That Shaggy might be one of those darn hippies…

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Well that Diego and his funky cat are looking for a slice from what I’ve heard. Just sayin’...

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@Knotmyday. He’s a dope smoking, freeloading beatnik of epic proportions. =)

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As far as I’m concerned, teens and their pot-smoking are the least of our worries. How are we going to help these kids get away from that awful creature?

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If Lou Dobbs finds out, he’ll start talking about immigrants. watch out!

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@SeventhSense, is that why they are always carrying one of these. I’m guessing it is always loaded and ready to shoot!

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Well his father is kind of a bad influence.

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The network that shows this only shows the G rated adventures. What do they do with the PG or worse stuff? Do they sell it to Hentai sites? This girl seems pretty cheerful to me. Are they giving her uppers to keep that level of energy? There may be many demons at work here.

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Did you happen to read this line?

“Dora the Explorer has been extremely successful, including $1 billion in sales in 2004 alone.[1]”

$1 billion? Your trying to tell me with a billionaire seven year old, her parents still work and they don’t employ bodyguards? If this man can afford a bodyguard, that little girl definitely can!

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@Randy I think some of the concern here is trying to keep Dora away from people like K-Fed.

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Have you seen the makeover they are giving Dora? She is becoming a pre- teen. I can’t link from my iPhone but you can google it.

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