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In the former GDR (East Germany), we had beaches where you coud only be if you were naked (completely). Does something like this exist in America?

Asked by ragingloli (47674points) April 21st, 2009
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I know there are some in the great state of California – google it?

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There’s plenty of nude beaches in America. I’m too much of a prude to be a nudist so I don’t have first hand info but the general impression I get from people I’ve known who have no issue with public nudity is that it’s generally presumed to be bad etiquette to be clothed at a nude beach.

That’s mostly an effort to keep the people away who only want to take pictures and video so they can get a few bucks from girls gone wild or some other BS.

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I know there were some in Wisconsin, north of Milwaukee, but I’m not exactly sure where along the Lake Michigan coastline.

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Well here in NY there are a few on the Atlantic. Most notably being the one on Fire Island. No heterosexual man would be found dead there though. Not all of Fire Island mind you.

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edited by me. Thought this was a different thread. D’oh.

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Most of our nude beaches are clothing optional but there are a number of nudist places that are exclusive.

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We have a nude beach on the river here. And people are always welcome to strip down in my backyard.

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@ragingloli I didn’t know you were from the DDR. Where exactly?

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how near? I lived in Dresden for 4 years, and toured all around the DDR

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20 minutes from the main station by train

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ja, aber wo? Pirna? Freital? Bautzen? Meissen?

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ok no use for such foul language

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sorry 7thSense, I stand corrected. I’ll never say the names of former DDR towns again.

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Yes what’s next..French!! God save us all…

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Paris! Toulouse! Lyon! Marseille! Ha! (“ha” is not a town, I was just saying “ha!”). :P

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Oh the humanity!

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