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Are there work from home jobs worth looking into?

Asked by live_rose (1223points) April 21st, 2009

I’m progressing further and further into my desire to minimize human contact and though i still have a lot of options and I still have no idea what I’d want to do. I’ve been looking into online jobs or working from home. And was wondering if anyone has experience with this. Or if you guys think it’s worthwhile to even look into any of it?

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Never worked from home. I imagine if I did, I might develop some bad habits. Socialization is a good thing.

Given the current state of the economy, any job is hard to come by let alone one that you can work from home at.

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I don’t trust any work at home jobs that involve working for someone else, but there are lot of home based businesses that are successful. If you work as an independent contractor with your own business and your own clients, you can actually support yourself, with the right circumstances.

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If you have a skill you can market as a business then it could work. Open up a salon, a day care, a computer business from your home.

Also I know many people who make a living selling crafts from home. If you learned one of the higher end crafts you could make money from home.

But if you are referring to the “work at home” websites they are pretty much all crap. They are scams.

I would say if you think of it yourself then you could make a success of it. If it comes from an ad or the internet, probably a scam.

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West has opportunities for at home customer service representatives. I have a friend who just started working as a customer service rep for Citibank from her home.

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My neighbor, a widow, raises chickens and sells the eggs. She also goes to people’s homes and cuts hair.

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Depending on how much you want to minimize contact with others, there are some good online tutoring jobs out there. I looked into working for – they basically set up students with online tutors appropriate to their subject and grade level, and you do all of the tutoring through online chat sessions. It actually pays pretty well, and you never have to leave the house!

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