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If I have CHIP or Medicaid that covers the three days that I was in the hospital, should it cover my tubal ligation as well even if this will be 6 weeks after giving birth?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) April 21st, 2009

I have a neighbor that says that she had the tubal ligation like 3 months after giving birth and it was covered by her CHIP insuranse that she had during pregnancy, is this true?

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Which state are you in?

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I am just curious as to why would someone wait to get a tubal ligation and not do it while in the hospital right after the birth?

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@chyna At the hospital they told me they had to wait 6 weeks, later, i heard that it could be done right after giving birth, they just told me to wait 6 weeks…

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@chyna I’m doing some research on her state, that state makes you wait 30 days after signing a consent form. I think in my state, you have to wait I think 48 hours. It varies from state to state.

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@2late2be I still don’t know why you don’t look into your husband getting a vasectomy. But, I can’t find anything on what you need…you can call your Nurses line though, and they can tlel you. You should have that number on your fridge, it goes to the benefits people for Medicaid (it’s not a state thing)
I did find this though:
You could get a tubal through that, you just have to apply/qualify.

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I think it would’ve been easier on you (all women) if you could’ve done it right then. Now you will have to go through more pain in 6 weeks that would have been over with along with the pain of child birth. I think some of these stupid laws are made by men who have no idea what something like this entails. Sorry, didn’t mean to go off and not have an answer to your question.

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