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What is your personal opinon on shisha tobacco?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) April 21st, 2009

shisha tobacco is tobacco mixed with molasses and flavor extract but does not contain the additives of a cigarette. it’s smoked out of a hookah.

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Tried it. Liked it.

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Any favorite flavors?!

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Not really. It was quite a while ago.

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It’s poison, like any other tobacco.

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It’s fun once in a while. If you smoke enough of it you get kind of light headed.

First time I smoked it was in Turkey. A lot of my friends own hookahs now.

Jasmine flavor was nice.

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It taste good. Its worse than smoking plain tobacco. All that sugar, molasses, and stuff makes tons of lung butter and other shit that cakes up your airways.

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I LOVE IT! Theres a Moroccan restaurant around me that has hookahs. My personal favorite flavors are pumpkin, guava, strawberry, and mint.

@buster i dont know about all that since its not actually burned at all, just vaporized plus its water filtered. Id take a hookah over a cig anyday.

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i’ve only tried fruit punch, strawberry, and blueberry.
blueberry defiantly being my favorite.

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Honey flavored is delicious.

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hmm.. i’ll have to look into that! i love honey.

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Keeping in mind that it is by no means healthier than cigarettes (what it lacks in toxic additives it makes up for in bulk/raw smoke inhalation).... I have tried it and like it. I don’t/wouldn’t do it regularly, but a few times ain’t really gonna kill ya. Plus it tastes better than the large majority of cigarettes.

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You also dont inhale hookah smoke.

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@uberbatman: Some people do. :)

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Your not supposed to. That also tends to make you quite lightheaded when you do.

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Whether or not you purposely inhale it, it gets into your lungs and the smoke is considerably stronger than that of cigarettes.

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so i figured i would post a picture of my own hookah!

i bought it at
all together i think we payed about $60.00.
thats with 2 good size containers of shisha, 2 packs of coals, a set of tongs, and it came with a bag.

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Just stay away from cloves. That is one nasty product. Unless it is put on a ham. :-)

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strawberry banana has been my favorite so far..
I’ve tried that one ^^^, blueberry, apple, melon, raspberry, peach, and adios &%#$@.
Second favorite is between blueberry and raspberry.

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