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Manfrotto is a good way to go:

I did a lot of video and photography in college and cheap tripod is going to feel like a cheap tripod. Manfrotto’s I used a lot and while they were heavy, this is a good thing with tripods.

You don’t want your tripod moving around when the wind picks up.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I said cheaper, not professionally expensive. Damn, the one I have in the link is $10. Did you even bother to read it?

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I edited my original response with my rationale.

You might consider craiglist. Someone wanting to dump some long un-used equipment may consider it a favor if someone were to take it off their hands.

If you were to buy a used tripod the #1 thing you want to check is the neck. If the neck is wobbly and loose, move on.

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I’m doing amature stuff in my house. With my friends. With a $100 camcorder. The tags are just to get the question out, I have no intention of doing any serious photography.

Sorry I didn’t mention that.

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I carry a gorillapod at all times but I don’t have a clue what brand of full size tripod I use. It wasn’t too expensive and it works that is all I care about. Also should be light to carry and fold up compactly.

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@rooeytoo What I’m using this for, even $20 is too expensive.

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Wow that is cheap, hehehe, maybe ebay or a pawn shop???

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Okay, look. I want to get a damn tripod. I don’t want to spend over $15 (including shipping). I figure SOMEONE on here knows of such a deal where I don’t end up getting a piece of crap.

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Dude, a $10—$20 tripod is going to be a piece of crap. There’s just no way around this.
I’m not trying to be confrontational, just factual.

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Ugh. Your right. I’m ordering it. And FYI, I wasn’t asking for something that isn’t crap. I’m asking for the BEST of the crap. Can you at least check the link?

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i must note that a tripod is always a good investment, who knows how much it’ll come in handy in the future

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@fortris: Considering folks are trying to help you out here, you’re a little testy. Just saying.

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Wired recently noted that Japanese scientists claimed tripods can increase camera shake and result in blurrier pictures. If you just need something to hold the camera, any cheap mount will do. But if you actually want the tripod to help you achieve sharper pictures, you need to invest in a heavier Manfrotto or Slik.

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Again. I’m in my house. Making crappy home movies and messing with my friends. Any tripod will do. Thanks for your answers.

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You want a cheep tri-pod? Tape it to a ladder.

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