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Should we be increasing the number of military troops in the Greater Middle East?

Asked by lataylor (538points) April 21st, 2009

President Obama has announced a delay in troop withdrawal beyond the 16 months he promised during the campaign, and a presence of about 35,000 to 50,000 troops until 2011. He has also committed more troops in Afghanistan. How do those opposed to the Iraq War feel about this issue?

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Yes, if by “we” you mean the Taliban. Oh sorry, did you mean the Infidel Pig Army? No, no, those “we” should pull out ASAP.

I’m sure Obama will withdraw the troops eventually. I think he’s only buying time for the diplomacy to work so that he doesn’t lose face and perhaps even suffer casualties during the retreat. If there’s peace (or relative lack of hostility) then whether the troops are there eating falafels instead of back home drinking beer becomes irrelevant. It’s when there’s a war that this is the issue.

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But there are still casualties, like these five just the other day:

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As much as the general Iraqi public hates the idea of the American armed forces in thier country, they are afraid for the day when they will leave. Iraq lacks the tradition of pride in freedom. By tradition their Army, Police and Politicians will sell out to benefit themselves or their families. There are some who are starting to embrace a society where hard work can get you ahead but there are years of corruption and little government to regulate it. The Iraqis need the stability of US forces and the guiding hand these forces bring to their government, army and police.

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Absolutely! We will need a LOT more troops committed if we are to prevail in Afghanistan, and to isolate the operation from logistic and insurgent aid. Afghanistan is one TOUGH NUT to crack. Not certain it’s been done really with any effacacy.

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