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Does anyone have a suggestion for a high-quality digital wedding album production company?

Asked by lapidgest (9points) April 21st, 2009

I have digital files of the photos from my wedding. Rather than use iphoto, kodakgallery or the likes, I’d like to get a higher quality album, in the style of a coffee table book (although not insanely expensive). Most of the professional companies only work with photographers. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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pretend you are a photographer. Try la vie albums for high quality

Amoebic's avatar is the site my sister’s photographer friend uses to make her portfolios and various projects – she recommended the site to my sister to make her own wedding book. I’ve seen these books in person, and they’re very nice – definitely coffee-table quality. I do know that they screen images to meet their resolution quality standards, so pixelated, low-res images won’t show in your books.

Here’s the (limited) gallery of previous customer’s wedding books that guests to the site can purchase. They don’t require you to be a photographer – they just require you to download their bookmaking program and use your own images, as far as I know.

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BTW iPhoto makes some very high quality stuff. Anything more and you are going to spend over 400 for something that will last long. Here is a link to the album company I mentioned before La Vie They are expensive, but worth it.

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