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Can an iPhone get a virus from a computer that is infected with one?

Asked by johnny (335points) April 21st, 2009 from iPhone

I think my home computer has gotten a virus within the last couple weeks and my iPhone has been acting weird for a little bit now, and it almost seems like my computer gave my iPhone a virus.

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There is indeed such a thing as malware for iPhones.

What sorts of problems is your iPhone experiencing?

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Well, it’s just been really glitchy the past two weeks and today I downloaded and app and so I turned my phone off and then back on and when I did it gave me the USB and iTunes symbols, so I restarted it and then a message came up that said “iphone is activated” or “activation complete”. Then I downloaded another app later in the day and then it gave those symbols again with a message that this time said “restore iPhone” then when I tried to restore it through my computer it said that something was wrong with my sim card. Then it started to work again about a few hours ago so I restored the iPhone and now it’s working ok. I think. I hope

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in your Safari settings, try pressing clear cache and clear cookies and then power off your phone. Power it back on and that may help your situation.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: You have a citation for the claim that there are viruses that can jump from Windows machines to iPhones?

The only iPhone malware I can find reference to is a Trojan horse that purported to be a leaked version of an official Apple update.

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@cwilbur No I don’t. It’s merely a precautionary measure. The iPhone won’t run any worse by doing what I suggested. Restarting the iPhone when it’s acting weird is a routine thing.

Because I dont know the specifics of this persons situation, I just recommended a routine troubleshooting tip.

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It is possible indeed but very unlikely. I would recommend that you scan your computer with some good antivirus such as Nod32 or Kaspersky. For your iphone probably one app you installed is making it crashy, especially if it is jailbroken and you installed it from cydia or somehting like that. You can uninstall whatever you installed and then restart the phone. If that does not solve the problem maybe you should restore it

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