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Which jellyfish would you most like to have at your family's holiday dinner?

Asked by breedmitch (12171points) December 6th, 2007

Not a popularity contest, just curious. Ideally, your answer should be a fluther member you’ve never met. I, of course, choose gailcalled.

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I too choose Gail.

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I’d have to rent a large hall to include all the people I really care about at this site. Thank you, Harold and Tali – likewise, I’m sure. And I have met personally only Ben, his family (the same as my family) and a few of the Olympia friends of the Finkels (Foofs.)

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I’m thinking hoss and poser would make for good conversation.
And of course gail.

(On a side note, I was in a bookstore today, saw a book of astronomy charts, and my first thought was “If i knew gail in person, I’d definitely have to buy that for her”)

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Funny; as I was pondering my large hall, I was thinking about the seating charts; who to seat next to whom?

And Perchik; feel free; POB 73, Spencertown, NY 12165.(J/k. I have several wonderful books w. star charts of the N. Hemisphere, only slightly stained w. tea and peanut butter, but still useable… altho the occasional smudge makes me think that I have discovered a new galaxy rather than a squashed raisin.)

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Outside of the people I know in person (Andrew, Ben, and Orli), I’d probably pick Bob (with Perchik and JohnPowell close behind).

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If you consider that Jellyfish can be plural as well as singular, Sferik, you can lengthen your list. I would find choosing only one w. an alternate an impossible task.

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I always enjoy having time at the holidays with andrew, ava, peggylou, kelly, maggiesmom and others here.

I wonder whether some of the flutherians are significantly different in person than in print? I suspect I’d have to try to steer mirza and perchik away from tech topics that would be ancient Vedic to me.

As gailcalled has dissembled about her cooking, but suspiciously seems to know a number of good recipes (especially the ones no longer “in vogue”) I think I’d like to have gailcalled come over, bring the recipes or describe the food, and I’d cook. How about it, gail? Traditional caesar salad from scratch, mock turtle soup, then an entree of coq au vin, beef Burgundy, osso bucco or beef Stroganoff, followed by fruit, cheese, and a souffle or baked Alaska? None of these dishes are made very often anymore, and I’d love to give ‘em a whirl.

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I made coq au vin two nights ago. The only hard part is finding a rooster. Luckily, I have the best butcher on the planet.

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Hoss@:Don’t forget that filet of beef, covered in paté and then rolled in puff pastry. That one got the blue ribbon (Beef Wellington? It probably was what finished Wellington off.)

Having had a kale and tomato sandwich for lunch (w. a few tiny embellishments) I would be interested in watching others eat Hossman’s Victorian meal…and what about the swans stuffed w. pheasants, stuffed w. geese, stuffed w. chickens, stuffed w. game hens, stuffed w. ortolans. And let us not forget beef fondu…all that hot fat that can spatter into your eye.

As a young bride, I used to actually cook some of those things for dinner parties. Julia Child’s first book: THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING was our bible.There could never be too much butter(she suggested that they be the size of pigeons’ eggs), lardons of bacon or fresh cream.

And the people you want sitting at your table look suspiciously like your family, from what I have been able to infer.

In any case, let me know when to arrive. G

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@hoss, to answer your question, the only time I talk tech is online. As far as gail goes, I’d be honored to let her cook in my kitchen any day!

On further thought, I’d have to get mirza, sferik, and klaas4 (all the way across the world).

oh and of course, andrew and ben.

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Klaas absolutely. Shall we all start taking Dutch lessons and throwing our pennies into a jar for his airfare? A really amazing kid.

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