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What is you nintendo wii fitness age, and how long have you been playing it for ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) April 22nd, 2009

Also what end of the spectrum is best for it ?
wii sports

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Last time I checked I was in the low 30’s. I am really 48 so that’s not bad.

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Last time i played was like two weeks ago and my age was 24.
Im 18 though.

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I did it for a month, and I started at 22, but made it all the way to 16

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mine’s like 22, and I’m 23. I have a BMI of 25.

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I hope to get wii fit very soon . I am currently using wii sports and my age on there, is in the 60’s i am 26 but i have only used it twice . But my second time round i hit more things and jumped from 55 to 66 :S

If you wish you can add my wii to yours console number is 8081–640-02363–6062

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@eambos ; How old are you really?

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23 and I’m 50 or is that I’m 23 and it’s 50? dream on

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