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Have you ever been a situation where you were feeling sorry for yourself, then you saw someone worse off than you, and you then began to appreciate the things in your life?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 22nd, 2009

It was almost as though you snapped out of it right then.

What did you see/experience to make you feel that way?

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It’s not necessarily when I’m feeling sorry for myself but whenever I see someone on a corner or at an intersection holding a sign saying “I will work for food”, that is always an indication to me to be very appreciative and thankful for everything I have in life and not to take any of it for granted.

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Nope. Just because someone else is going through objectively bigger problems doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like crap about what you’re going through. I hate it when people try to one-up others with their misery. I have a list of medical issues as long as my freakin’ arm, but I’m still sympathetic to others’ problems. I don’t care if all they have is a papercut. Papercuts suck, dude!

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Many of us (including myself) feel bad sometimes for very futile reasons. There are people that live their life in horrible conditions, out there.
We are lucky enough.

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Not directly.

I often remind myself that things could be worse and I may use experiences I have had with those less fortunate as a catalyst – but I also use other things to “snap me out of it”.

Hugging my daughter, looking at my wife, getting enough sleep, listening to music, etc.

Ultimately what you’re trying to gain is some perspective on the situation.

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That’s why I watch Cheaters.

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All the time, so many horrors in the world. To pick something I’d never gave much attention to before and took for granted, over 100 layoffs happened at my job, myself included and I know several people’s homes went into foreclosure before they were able to recover while I’ve been able to hang onto mine.

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Quite a few times, in fact today was feeling rather rubbish when someone started talking about a lady who has cancer at the moment and is having a real tough time. Soon put my headache into perspective

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