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Blonde, Redhead, Brunette or Jet Black. Which hair color do you like the most and do you dye your hair?

Asked by mrsgodzilla (15points) April 22nd, 2009

Beauty is skin deep, yes, but many people put more time and money into getting their hair just the way they think makes them more appealing. How important is hair in a person’s overall appearance?

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Hair is only as important as you deem it to be. For me, it has zero value whatsoever, I don’t judge anyone at all by the time or effort they’ve put into their hair.

My hair is board straight brown hair, there’s really nothing I can do with my hair style-wise, thus I don’t style it nor put a lot of effort into it at all. During high school I played around with dying my hair interesting colors and interesting patterns, but nowadays I don’t bother (nor do I really care to invest the money and time into doing so over and over). Then again I’m also a girl who doesn’t wear makeup ever, so my lack of fussing over my hair could be related to that.

Based on my mother’s genetics, I will likely have at least a half head, if not a full head of silver hair before I am 30, I’ve had the occasional silver hair since my mid teens and it’s gone up in recent months. My mother dyes her hair religiously to hide it, but I think it looks amazing, and I look forward to when it happens to me. The shininess, the variance, it’s one color you just can’t fake.
And of course, I enjoy throwing other people into confusion or challenging their prejudices, so if people make assumptions about my age based on my hair and are shown to be false, all the better :)

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I do not dye my hair, but I tend to like others with their natural hair colors over false ones. I just find it more interesting. I’m really looking forward to my hair greying : )

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I’m a redhead, and I have to say I’m quite fond of it. However, it isn’t natural. People always ask me if I’m Irish (red hair, green eyes, fair skin), but I’m not. I have no problem with hair dye or people who dye their hair. The way I see it, it is just another way of expressing yourself. I have thought about going back to blonde, but I think the red is becoming on me. I know it sounds silly that a hair color would have an effect on a person’s personality, but it seems to suit me better than blonde.

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I dye my hair red because I prefer it over my natural brown hair. My hair is atrocious thats why i always wear a hat. Appearances aren’t terribly important to me (I mean to a degree I do try to find close that look half way decent on me and I do keep up with hygiene). And it’s not important to the people around me and I like it better that way.

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natural black is sexy, also natural red is very sexy…blond is meh and brown is meh..girls with dyed hair look gross, especially if you can see their roots or they do a bad job and you can tell it’s dyed but I do like highlights. Girls are naturally beautiful, they don’t need makeup like they think they do. I would rather see a girl with no makeup than with tons of it on. Some girls like to load up and just looks strange…

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I would vote for red.

There can never be too many redheaded women in the world.

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I love red hair. My mother in law and sister in law were/are red heads. I hoped that I’d have red haired kids, but no luck. My daughter has nearly black hair and my son is dishwater blond.

I have naturally mousy brown hair. There is nothing exciting about it except that at 33 I’m probably 50 per cent gray. Premature gray runs in the women in my family. I’ve had my hair every color imaginable-Thank God my sis is a cosmetologist.

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My hair is naturally blonde and I prefer it that way. I love the natural look all around though. Minimal makeup and no fake nails.

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I have warm brown hair that I’ve dyed every shade of brown under the sun. I’ve always liked red hair and my bf has a thing for redheads, so I’m going to try it this fall (which reminds me of a totally fluffy question I want to ask fluther).

I think nice hair (or a nice bald head on the right guy!) is pretty important to overall attractiveness, but it sure isn’t everything.

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For me, personally, my hair is very important to my appearance and I like to keep it looking nice and healthy. I am a natural brunette which I like but I do dye it a slightly reddy colour just to making stand out that bit more.

As far as other people are concerned, I do tend to notice ther hair or lack of it before anything else but I try not to judge people on it. Having said that I am more attracted to guys that have shaved heads and I can’t stand it when men coat their hair in gel.

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Redheads FTW
My, they’re popular, aren’t they?

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I am a natural brunette and I’ve never dyed my hair. I wish my hair was slightly blonder so I could have like an almond-chesnut look.
My mom has been dying her hair for a very long time, and now its all rotten I think… I would never do it.

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I have jet black hair that is now about 80% silver, so I have to color it medium dark brown (black out of a bottle is not good!). I would love to be a redhead (like Maureen O’Hara) but my hubby hates it. I have considered going silver but everyone says it makes me look old. (I am only 38.) Overall, I don’t think too much about hair, unless a guy has a comb-over or something. I would rather he go with it than try to hide it.

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I used to dye my hair, a lot. I had every color imaginable.
I was a natural platinum blonde for many years, then it was a golden blonde up until middle school. After that it became a “dirty blonde”, but, I started dying it at that point.
I have since dyed it medium brown, and don’t mess with it. I haven’t dyed it since I think last May, and haven’t cut it since October.
My hair grows in blonde, but somehow turns brown, I swear. It’s a dark golden blonde naturally.

I think the best hair color depends on the person. I love having red hair, but it’s a bitch to get out. And blonde always made me feel the best about myself (not sure why), but brown makes me feel sexy.

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Yes, you may all bow down to my natural red-headedness now. ;) I love my hair, because it’s the one part of me that is still just as beautiful as it was when I was 21, before having three kids and no time to work out. My hair has never betrayed me. And it’s red. What’s not to love?

OK, back to my usual, more humble, self. My hair is somewhere between strawberry blonde and auburn. I have natural highlights that, according to whoever I make a last-minute appointment with for a haircut, other women pay a lot of money to acheive. It grows fast, is fine and soft but thick, and (I may have mentioned this) is red. The only thing I don’t like about my hair is that it doesn’t “do” anything. It doesn’t hold a curl, it doesn’t stay in clips or barrets, and if there’s even a bit of rain or humidity, it gets all frizzy. In winter, I could kill people with static electricity. So, on a nice dry day my hair is awesome—the stuff of shampoo commercials. On every other day (the majority of days), it ends up in ponytail because it drives me crazy. I’ve never wanted to color it, but that has as much to do with me being afraid of a hair disaster than anything else.

So yeah, I’m more than a little vain about my hair. It makes me feel better about being unable to get a tan, being covered in freckles, and having this body that doesn’t seem to really belong to me anymore. I’m not really into makeup or having my nails done, don’t care much about clothes or shoes or handbags—but I do love my hair, even on the days when I hate it.

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I have some kind of boring dark blonde hair, the same colour I see so many norwegians have. So I dye my hair, to a rich brown. And I see very many people actually dye their hair, more that you’d excpect.

But as long as it looks natural, it’s ok :) Well, natural or wildly un-natural.

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I like all hair colors, as long as the color is right for the person. I don’t like when people go blonde but end up orange. Too many people think they look good blonde, and they don’t. I don’t understand why so many people insist on being blonde. I personally think dark hair is much more attractive on most people.
I was white blonde through childhood and gradually it darkened. I’m now naturally a dirty blonde. I usually just get high and low lights, but occassionally I dye an underlayer of my bangs hot pink or black. Just enough so it peeks out. Currently I am platinum blonde, and yes my roots come in darker but I actually like darker roots on me as it adds depth and is more funky.
I would love black hair but but I am so pale (and I don’t want a tan). I’ve had my hair a deep chocolate before and it took about two years of highlighting to remove it. Red hair would look horrible on me.

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My hair is just this side of black naturally. In the sunlight, you can see the reddish undertones, so I know it’s not true black. I color it a deep auburn, approximately to the shade that my grandmother had when she was a young woman. I like it that color and it doesn’t look weird on me.

I’ve found 5 or 6 strands of white hairs on my head over the last year. It doesn’t look as though I’m going to get the awesome Emmylou Harris luxurious grey hair any time soon. She went grey fabulously, didn’t she? I suspect she gets a lot of help.

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I was a blonde for many years. I recently went brunette. Since I have been coloring my hair for 30 years I am not really sure what my natural color is!

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Add me to the camp of Redhead admirers. My own hair is naturally dark, I don’t dye it and try to keep it clean and smooth for work. Outside of work, it can do as it likes. Is hair important? It’s important if you have hair that it smell clean and look tended to. We’re lucky there are so many hairstyles at one time to choose from. There are so many men of all ages who are balding now, it’s no longer an oddity or any big deal. Combovers are still silly though.

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mmmmmmmmmm redheads

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I told my red headed daughter that as soon as she got out of high school there would be red head obsessed men going ga ga all over her. I was right. Although she married another redhead and now has given me 2 red headed grand sons.

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<< Natural redhead. Yay for me.

Sadly, it’s faded out so much over the last several years that I now look like a sort of mousy blonde at 41 years old. (Really, it’s a lot of white hairs). I go through spurts of dying it myself (back to my natural color) and leaving it alone. When I do dye it, I get a burst of confidence. I just can’t be bothered enough to maintain it.

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@augustlan It is a pain in the butt to maintain isn’t it? I recently grew out my hair and it takes 2 bottles to color it!

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@mamabeverley Oh I know what you mean. As soon as mine is just about shoulder length, I need two bottles. It’s really thick.

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@augustlan Mine is past my shoulders, I am about ready to cut it off for summer, to damn hot with all the hair!

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i’m so glad my mum let me dye my hair in middle school, because i got all urges to dye my hair out of my system. although i absolutely regret almost all of the colours now. i love all hair colours, honestly. it depends on the person. i’d love to have natural red hair or marry shaun white, ~ohmygod. i would definitely consider dying my hair brown if my complexion would actually look good with it. i love black hair, especially on people with thick, shiny hair haha. and i really love the classic blonde marilyn monroe look, or even ‘dirty blonde’.
i naturally have a weird shade of blonde. i haven’t dyed my hair in about 2 years now, and i’m not planning on dying it again. the top layer of my hair, however, is light blonde, and the underside is considerably darker.

i have a friend with the most beautiful natural blonde hair. i’m so jealous. ):

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I was white blonde until about 10, then golden blonde then dark golden blonde, now I am not sure any more. I think I am dark blonde. I’ve been every colour. I do experience life differently as say a blonde to a brunette. I am dark at the moment. I just got “so over” blondes. It’s so overdone, it is as if we are all blonde. I think that is why I went dark. I do think we are judged by our hair colour. Which is not an odd concept as people are judged constantly and treated differently by their looks. I like being dark because it has made me “different” in a beach city, where every one is tanned and blonde. I have a pale skin too. If I had my way, which is odd, being a tanned blonde most of my life, I’d be a goth! I love that look its so dammed sexy!

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@mrsgodzilla , you didn’t ask about white hair. That is what I have. I didn’t choose it, it chose me.
I started out a rich and golden-red brown. That lasted till I was 20.
By then the white streaks were going strong.

@dynamicduo , yes people do make assumptions, They do double takes, they stare;
some are rude, some are lovely and kind with compliments.
Men are often more apt to tell you what they really think of your white hair.
Some say, “why don’t you color it?” (they are usually the ones with comb-overs)
Some men, stop you on the street, or in a store or a restaurant. They tell you that your hair is beautiful and that you are too for daring to wear it.

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I’m now a flaming, bright, gorgeous multi-tonal coppery redhead, and it’s gorgeous. I don’t know how I went 29 years without feeling this amazing about my head.

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@Likeradar You just nudged me into dying my hair again. Sometime this week, I’m going back to red. Come hell or high snow. ;)

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Hummm….. My daughter is a redhead, I haven’t gone red for a few years….. Maybe…....

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The color I was born with: Me in 10th grade.

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@augustlan WOW that is some hair! Beautiful!

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I miss it! I’ll dye it as close as I can get to that color, but it’s never exactly right. :(

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@augustlan You are so lucky.

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Oh, if you could only see it now… with 50% gray, it looks like a mousy dirty blonde. All faded out. :(

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@augustlan I have seen it on FB- still lovely hair :)

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