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Dose anyone have drink ideas for a 18 birthday party?

Asked by _hxc_ (7points) April 22nd, 2009

my sister is haveing a party i need help picking out alcoholic drinks for the adults and non alcoholic drinks for the kids

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Beer and Kool-aid.

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…and by adults I assume you mean over 21, and the “kids” are the ones under 21 and won’t be drinking?

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Tequila and GHB.
Remember, no tequila for the kids.

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Margaritas (any flavor) can be virgin and alcoholic, and daquiris as well.

How many of you drank before 21? Sheesh.

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as fluther has recently pointed out, we are a nation of laws and we all must obey the laws or we will end up in jail. the law says we can not drink until 21. we must obey

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@tinyfaery: I know I drank before 21. But now that I’m of legal drinking age… I don’t have any idea what kind of rules, if any, exist about me suggesting alcoholic drinks in public in print for minors.

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You can say I WILL PROVIDE ALCOHOL AND ANY DRUGS ANYONE WANTS AT ANY TIME, and no one can do anything to you.

I Don’t have to obey anything.

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I’m with @tinyfaery
So Vodka it is, lots of it. ;)

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Hairy buffalo.

Basically you take kool-aid and replace enough of the water with liquor so that it comes out to about 10% alcohol (this varies greatly pending the proof of the liquor). Then you buy LOTS of fruit, like pine apple, oranges, cherries, strawberries, etc, and let it soak in the stuff over night.

Makes for legendary parties.

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@westy: Sounds great, except for the name. YICK!

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Hahaha, yah I dunno where that name came from. We usually make it in giant plastic tubs (like minimum 15 gallons). It makes for amazing parties. But be prepared for some red stains (or whatever color kool-aid you go with).

Oh and I remember some alcohol mixtures. If you go with some cheap liquor like Popov (20% I believe?) You have to do half the water replaced with liquor. If you use something REALLY strong like Everclear, you can use something like one bottle (NOT the handle, the 750ml) per 2 gallons of kool-aid.

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