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Does the cord that comes with the ipod charge and sync the ipod? Or do I need to buy a separate cord to get it to sync?

Asked by kywog (1points) April 22nd, 2009

I have a ipod classic that I bought from someone it did not come with any cords. So I bought a wall charger to charge my ipod from walmart. I have already downloaded itunes and dragged some music in my playlist however my ipod soes not show up in intunes.

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the cord that comes with the iPod both charges and syncs.

You’d have to show us what wall charger you bought from Wal*Mart for us to tell you if that also syncs.

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You should be able to remove cord from end that plugs into wall receptical. That end should plug into a USB port of your of or mac iTunes should then see iPod. It’s new I assume

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