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What have you done to help in recovering from a surgery?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) April 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I can’t move comfortably, I am hyped up on pain meds, and I have a ton of other stress. I am trying to focus on healing from neck suurgery, but I’m losing my mind. I know all the standard mind occupying tricks: listen to music, read a book, watch a movie, sleep. But, what do you do when your mind won’t stop and you’re physically unwell? Make me smile, would you?

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so badly! If your mind won’t stop, can you write? Might as well make use of the time to plan, make lists, write poetry. If you can’t write comfortably, maybe you could just talk out loud and record it for posterity. That might make you smile later. :D

Sending good thoughts your way… and {hugs}.

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Can you watch some comedies? I hear laughter is a good fixer-upper.

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I was also going to suggest writing/recording a journal entry. I know that there is so much happening in your life, and you’ll go nuts if you keep letting it cycle around in your head.

I also think now might be a good time to arrage some one-on-one conversation with each of your kids… they’re going through a lot, too; so it might help see how each of them is handling it. And also try to involve them with distracting you… my son still likes to play 500 Rummy with me once in a while like we did when he was younger. Are there things you used to do with them on rainy/sick days that would be fun to do again? This might help bring you all closer together.

I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope that your surgery is successful!

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When I was sidelined for 6 weeks at a time four times over for foot surgery, I Fluthered, emailed, Askvilled, Facebooked, and played solitaire and other games on my computer. It helped a lot for, as we all know only too well, using a computer always takes up much more time than we expect it to.

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Youtube can be your best friend, for lots of laughs.

Sorry you’re feeling so bad, glad the surgery went well!

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I like hearkat’s suggestion of games with the kids! Phase 10 maybe? You could do that lying down for the most part. You could call your sister and ask if she wants to hang out for a while (school is almost out). Check out Netflix to see if they have Laverne and Shirley! Eat some lasagna?

I’m sorry you are so miserable, and you know how happy I am that everything went well. Please remember that this is still really early in the healing process and every day will be a bit better than the last. I promise. I’m pulling for you and I am here for you every second (even at work – I have my cell send a text).

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