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Do you have a particular kind of tea that you buy/drink?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) April 22nd, 2009

As in home brewed loose leaf or bag tea… I’m tired of same old, same old and have been experimenting with flowering tea and other things. Any tea connoisseurs in the house?

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PG Tips, for the win.

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I like Sweet Leaf, and Arizona teas. But those are ice tea. Never mind, you are talking about hot tea. Not my cup of… well you know.

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Lapsang suchong -(I think I spelled it wrong)
Earl grey is nice too

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@lukiarobecheck Hot tea is preferable, but it’s getting to be summer, so I should probably be on the look out for good cold teas.

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PG Tips for that delicious real tea taste, but when I’ feeling like something herbal, I usually go for Stash teas. I like their raspberry tea and their licorice tea. I am also a big fan of chamomile.

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I happen to be a chi tea lover as long as its light on the pepper and has fat free milk in it.

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i buy from these people
and I only buy green tea or chamomile. i haven’t tasted any other flavors that i like.

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Tazo Green Ginger is my absolute favorite but I’ll pretty much drink anything green.

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Tazo cinnamon cardamom is my favorite.

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I love the Good Earth Original Herbal.

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Always loose tea, made either with an infuser or in a teapot.

Stash tea is my go-to vendor for just about everything. I haven’t had a tea from them that I haven’t liked, and they do both varietals and blends very well. Several of the tea aficionados in my office like Upton teas as well. The ones I’ve tried from there I like, but I haven’t yet made an order there. And Tealuxe in Harvard Square is a good place to go for immediate tea gratification. Their blends are good enough that I’ll pick some up there, but not so distinctive that I’d order them if I moved away, if that makes sense.

As far as flavors go: I keep most of Ceylon, Darjeeling, Jasmine, and chai on hand at all times. Chai tends to be a production because it is customarily served with hot milk, which means I need to keep milk on hand, which means I usually only have chai with company. I also keep mint- and ginger-based tisanes on hand. Aside from that, I like black tea blends, including some of the fruit-flavored variety.

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Twinnings traditional English breakfast blend – loose leaf

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cubby wubby womb room or morning thunder?

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I try out different sorts every time. But mostly, i buy Earl Grey. Because Jean Luc Picard rocks.

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I’m a big peppermint tea fan, but I try not to drink it in excess. Teavana is good stuff, but too expensive, IMO. I like Tazo stuff as well, and trying all sorts of new teas.

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Twinings’s loose teas are usually pretty ok. I’m not the pickiest of tea drinkers, but I do prefer loose teas.

Sometimes I’ll buy a ginger root and slice it thin, and either brew it with black or green tea, or else just make it into a tea by itself.

Also, it’s spring. Time to plant peppermint, catnip, chamomile, and anything else you might want to try making tea out of. And it’s almost dandelion season. You don’t even need to plant those, just make sure you pick them from an untreated lawn.

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I buy Earl Grey at the tea shop. I have Yorkshire Gold when I’m at Tea & Sympathy.

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Tetleys or Yorkshire Tea, although I’m not certain whether either are readily available outside of the UK.

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unusual teas or flavored teas are also great to make ice tea.

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I love tea. I prefer assam (or other black tea) with various tastes, generally fruity ones. You can buy these in various tea shops in C.Europe, but not in the South where I am now.

If I have no other choice, I try and find Pickwick or Douwe Egberts (as opposed to the milder Lipton teas). There’s a forest fruit variety by Pickwick which is really nice.

And of course Roiboos is great for the easy, relaxing nights in.

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I second (or third) PG tips…also, a great Teavana substitute is Adagio—better and more reasonably priced. Loose leaf teas are always preferable to bagged teas. Some people are daunted by the whole loose leaf tea brewing process but is isn’t brain surgery. And it gives you an excuse to go shop for an awesome tea set and tea accessories!
Also, I always find great tea at Indian grocery stores and other specialty stores.

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@emilia_eclaire i have a really cool Bodum tea infuser pot. i love it, and i make Czar Nicolas rosehip tea in it. you can only get it at russian food stores, but it’s AMAZING.

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@eponymoushipster Cool! We actually have an Adagio “Trini-TEA” that brews our tea for us, and it is super handy. I will check out that Czar Nicholas stuff, sounds intriguing…

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@emilia_eclaire that’s cool. yeah, any of the Czar Nicholas stuff is great. there’s a black and green as well. they’re almost like perfume. really nice stuff. :)

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I love gunpowder green tea.

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