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If you go poop right before you get in the shower, do you still wipe? If so, why?

Asked by Sakata (3337points) April 22nd, 2009

You’ve started the shower when you realize you need to poop. So you do your business, wipe, then get in the shower to clean your body. Why wipe if you’re going directly into in the shower anyway?

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Um cause I don’t want poop on my shower poofy thing. That’s like smearing poop all over my body. Gross.

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dude, seriously?

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Oh my god!! Gross!! Wipe first of course

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lol! I do it because I like to be clean at all times.
ok not all times. sometimes, it’s great to be dirty

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Heck yeah I wipe first. My buttcrack is really hairy and I don’t want poop on my washcloth.

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Um, cause I don’t want to rub poop on my hands?

Do it, wipe.


Anything else is disgusting.

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@buster fannnntastic. lol

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I’ve never even thought about this, never even considered not wiping!

@buster…......I am laughing and grossed out, all at the same time.

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My shower is not a Japanese toilet, thank you very much!

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Ewww. What did your parents teach you?

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wipe i guess, because when i get back in and megan fox sees that poop, she’s all “oh no you didn’t!”

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@Sakata- By your logic I might as well just crap in the shower.

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What a disgusting thought! Wipe? Absolutely!!!

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That’s disgusting!
I use flushable baby wipes. No TP for this ass.

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@elijahsuicide i always knew you were our own lil’ Terrence Howard.

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…sakata, i’m an avid jogger- about 7 to 14 miles daily, and sometimes my feet take a beating…consequently, i would run a greater risk of staph infection if i washed a greater amount of fecal matter onto the shower floor…better safer than sorrier..

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Are you married or have a partner, or share a shower with other people? Please ask them their opinion on this and if they mind you rinsing poop bits onto the shower floor where they may or may not make it down the drain.

It’s like spooging on the shower floor. Have some courtesy for other people using your shower, if there are others.

If it’s just you, um, well I guess it doesn’t matter if you don’t care about poop in your shower.

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I personally wipe, but I don’t wipe my son.

He went through a phase where he pooped about 6–10 times a day, do you know how many diaper changes that is?! you know there’s pee diaper changes too… So, I’d just pull the diaper off, and wash him off in the tub.

Unfortunately, one time I got a shower with him, and didn’t know he had a turd stuck to his butt. He was sitting below me and I see a giant turd float down towards the drain. Thank God the night before my husband had taken off the silver drain block thingy, so he had room to get down without my son noticing, but then it got stuck! I completely panicked at this giant turd blocking the water up. I had to take my son and I out of the shower, and slice the turd up till it fit down the drain. It was not pleasant. I no longer let mr. poopy butt in the tub lol

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@casheroo LOLLLLLL, good Lord!

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@casheroo lol I’ve had to slice turds in the tub too. not mine of course!

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@AstroChuck Well technically you could just poop in the shower. Diarrhea would just flow right down but the big ol’ turds would probably need to be smashed with your foot a bit to make it all the way.

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@jonsblond @casheroo thanks for reinforcing my decision to not have kids. haha

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Oh good, poop humor! My boys would be all over this one.

Wiping before the shower—ALWAYS!! Even when I just pee before getting into the shower, I wipe. It’s just habit, not even something I’ve ever thought about.

I’ve had to whisk kids out of the tub so many times because of “floaters.” I even had one chronically constipated kid who sometimes would only poop in a tub of relaxing warm water. It’s all part of the joy of parenting that no one ever tells you about.

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@jonsblond yeah they should put it in all parenting books “you may have to slice up turds in the tub. be prepared!”

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@casheroo I’m sitting here laughing out loud at that one. I, too, have experienced similar, only I was bathing the baby in the sink. ewwwwwwww.

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@Sakata Nooooooooooo…................Hahahaaaaaaaa

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@YARNLADY I hope it wasn’t the kitchen sink!

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@casheroo You need a poopie knife!

Not wiping is just… um… yeah. As a girl who has peed in the woods and/or bushes in front of someone’s house a time or two, drip drying is acceptable. Dingleberries are another story altogether! Especially if they get all stuck in your poofy thingy… yeah… gross.

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You just leave the shower running while you take shit?!? Why not shut it off whilst you poo and save a few more drops of that precious, FINITE, fresh water supply we all take for granted.

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lol dingleberries. that’s Dr. C’s favorite topic.

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@casheroo just yours sweety

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@essieness if your thingy is poofy you may need to see a doctor… for a sexy check up ;)

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This is the funniest thread I have read so far! Of course you wipe…

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@casheroo – Don’t you just love kids! That’s funny!

@jonsblondThat’s a job for the husband, in this house. I go the throw up, the bloody noses and the, “Mom? Does this need stitches?”

Lurve to both of you!

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I never cut up the kids’ poop I always scooped it out and flushed it. Either way I’m glad those days are gone lol

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why are poop threads always so popular?

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@casheroo I don’t know, but i just started another one. :)

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@casheroo Because Everyone Poops!

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@casheroo Aw heck, my question got modded. No poop question from me.

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@chyna Only one poop question per week. ;)

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I’m not washing my hands in this.

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@casheroo you started a real shitstorm with that story…

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@YARNLADY Thank you, very enlightening. :)

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@3or4monsters You cracked me up with “poop bits”. HA!!

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@3or4monsters hahaha, “poop bits” got me as well

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I just knew some block head would GQ this.

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Mmmm. Chewy poop bits.

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I must have missed something with my girls. I don’t remember them EVER pooping in the tub. thank God

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My kids had bathtub poop accidents when they were little. I scooped, not mashed. They are 3 years apart, so sometimes they would bathe together. I remember my son jumping out of the tub like a psycho, screaming about a turd, that’s when I saw it. He refused to bathe with the baby ever again.

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@elijahsuicide hahaha, poor kid!

@jbfletcherfan I have a friends whos baby always pooped in the tub. mine rarely did without warning.

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@casheroo I guess the warm water gets the juices flowing for them. I’m just glad I was spared that little surprise. ;-{

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it’s not my habit
but i’ve done it

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So much poopophobia and excretoexhibitionism – oh my!

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@Sakata Well next time I take a shower at your house I’ll definitley bring my own poofy sponge…

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I wipe then wash.

There is only so much cleaning one can reasonably expect from soap…and who wants to leave skid marks on the soap, wash cloth or their hand?

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Here kitty kitty!

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