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What's a great bar in SF for business drinks?

Asked by andrew (16259points) April 22nd, 2009

I’m meeting an old boss for drinks, and I’d rather not go to Zeitgeist or the Noc Noc. Any places that are a little classy, have great drinks, and aren’t dives?

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Depends on the neighborhood, but with the beautiful weather, here are my suggestions:
Mission: Medjool has an awesome rooftop bar with fantastic views of the city. It also has Mediterranean tapas food (it is a restaurant, after all).
Cole Valley: Eos Wine Bar
Downtown: The Redwood Room at the Cliff Hotel

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Starlight Room atop the Drake.

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Harlot is the place that I have heard of. You can check out the website Never been there, just heard it was cool.

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Really wishing I lived out there.

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I second the Redwood Room at the Cliff and the Starlight Room at the Drake. I spent a long weekend in SF, stayed at the Drake, and Starlight Room’s drag queen night was the highlight of the trip.

although I would stay away from drag queen night for the business drinks – still a strong contender other nights

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I would suggest Wish in SOMA. We went there for happy hour have goodbye drinks for a co-worker and I thought it to be quite nice. I was only there for happy hour though, so I can’t say what its like later at night.
Another possibility is the speakeasy Burbon and Branch. I have not been there yet, but heard it is amazing. You will need a password and possibly reservations to get in.

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Top of the Mark or Skybar are good if you don’t mind spending a few bucks but hey those are both impressive places and leave your guest with a good impression.

Now if you’re not worried about pretense, then the Toronado (lower Haight) is a fine establishment. You can get a brew and pop in next door for a sausage.

That last part doesn’t pertain to the question, but that’s good advice for just about anyone.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic somehow, getting a sausage in SanFran doesn’t appeal to me.

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Beretta has fantastic drinks and a nice atmosphere.

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