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When taking a shower do you use a washcloth?

Asked by Offero (225points) April 22nd, 2009

I have been told that this is mostly a racial thing. White people don’t use washclothes. Black people do. What are your thoughts?

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I think this is a ridiculous question.

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Actually, I’ve heard that as well. Don’t know how that started though. I personally use an exfoliating washcloth. I feel dirty if I don’t.

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I use a BufPuf Gentle on my face, and a BufPuf Body for the rest.

I have dated Caucasian, African-American and Indian men, and they all used washcloths.

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Only if I wiped my butt after my preshower poop!

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I use a washcloth and am pretty white. I don’t know how else you’re supposed to clean. Sponge maybe?

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Puff scrubbies, before them I used loofah chunks or sea sponges.

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The reason for the question is in response to another question about weather or not one wipes after pooping and before a shower. One person answered,
“Of course, I do not want to get poop on my washcloth.”
and one person wrote,
“I don’t want to get poop on my hand.”
indicating they do not use a washcloth,
It was however roundly decided that everyone wipes their butt with toilet paper.

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@Offero: elijahsuicide doesn’t. She uses flushable baby wipes. :P

No, I don’t use washcloths, I hate them. So very very much.
I use a poofy shower thing that’s made to look like a big purple tomato with leaves. I love it.

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LOOFA!! Washcloths dont lather you up like a loofa

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@sjmc1989 that’s right. I use one of those net poofie things. Then I squeeze the suds on a wash cloth & do my back. So I use both.

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Poofie netter here too :)

And I’m so white I don’t get X-rayed, they hold a desk lamp behind me…

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Loofa here (I’m Caucasian)
My wife (who is black) does use a washcloth (which she calls a “face towel”)

~~do we fit the stereotypes?

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I change between the “shower poof” and the exfoliating towel and am white. My boyfriend likes the exfoliating towel best and he is Asian.

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Depends on what’s in the bag…. haha! I always ask for soaps and bath salts and the like as gifts, and invariably I get a washcloth, a scrubby pad, a sponge, etc. When one gets trashed, I pick whatever’s next out of the bag of items I got at one birthday or another.

Right now it’s a netted bath poofy.

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I don’t use a washcloth, I use liquid soap and use my hands. My husband used to use bar soap, but I find bar soap to be disgusting, so he uses liquid soap with a poof thingy. lol

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Coarse copper Brillo pad…its a man-thing ;)

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I don’t use anything.

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@petethepothead TRY THE LOOFA!! Once you try it once you wont look back. It will change your whole bathing experience PROMISE!

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@FGS You must shine like a new penny!!!

(I’m white, too. Very)

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@TaoSan “I’m so white I don’t get X-rayed…” I am totally going to steal that line when talking of my own lack of pigmentation from now on!

As for the original question, I use a washcloth. I used to use a shower poof, but my last one unraveled years ago and I never got around to replacing it.

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@sjmc1989: That’s convincing. I’ll give it a shot.

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Oh, noes! :/

I’m 4 races (if you count Northern and Southern Euros are different peoples)! Sometimes I use a washcloth. And sometimes I use a pouf. And sometimes I use a loofah on a stick.

But I don’t use kittens!

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I bathe in an infinity pool and have 5 nubile young nude models in their 20’s wash my body and cover the path i walk on with rose petals…. you know.. just like any average joe.

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@Dr_C Women in their 40s would be so much better :)

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@petethepothead I’ve been told I can be very persuasive

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LOL, feel free to, share the wisdom haha

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@Facade is that an offer?

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lol, I’m only 20

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i use those puffy loofah thingies. or big sponges. always with body wash liquid. never bar soap. :P

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I use a loofah and my hands :)

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@Facade a man can hope (btw i’m 28)

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@MissAusten Here’s another one for you, courtesy of my other half: “I’m so pale, I use Tipp-Ex (correction fluid) as a tanning product!”

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I am beginning to think that washcloths are becoming a thing of the past. I wouldn’t call it a “racial thing,” but, I’ve done my own survey and found ALL of the black people surveyed use washcloths. Among the white people I’ve surveyed, the only ones still using washcloths are senior citizens. Among Hispanics surveyed, it’s about 50–50. If you notice, soap commercials always show people washing their bodies with only a bar of soap in hand.

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