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How often have you called a locksmith?

Asked by Offero (225points) April 22nd, 2009

And when you do call a locksmith how do you find them, and what do you look for. Is it price, experience, references?

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once. i went shopping in the evening and forgot my keys. i wandered through town for an hour to find a locksmith. of course they were already closed but all i needed was the phone number. so i got the number from the shop, called and then waited another hour for them to arrive. then it was just a matter of seconds to open my door.
of course, and i don’t know how it is in america, he checked my ID before he opened the door to make sure it was my apartment and not some thief.
Cost me 30€

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If you have a car its nice to have a roadside assistance program like Triple AAA or something similar. If you lock yourself out of your car call Triple AAA and they dispatch a locksmith to come help you out and in usually less than an hour.

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I never have had to, buy my hubby locked the keys in the car when he drove me to the hospital to have our baby. When the locksmith got there, a friend of ours told the locksmith it wasn’t really my hubbys fault and that I was getting ready to have the baby. The locksmith made him an extra key on the spot as a gift ;)

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I just call my ex-father-in-law. Cost? Free. :D

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