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What do you normally eat when you have the munchies?

Asked by Jude (32185points) April 22nd, 2009

After 8 in the p.m. if I’m hungry, I’ll grab a bowl of cereal. That or I’ll boil up some edamame. Right now, I’m having a hugeass bowl of Count Chocula. :)

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I’m very picky!
I’ll only eat everything in sight!
Munchies as in those as a side effect of ‘sweet cheeba’ or just hungry, hungry?

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I try not to eat after 8, but if I must, it’s a pita with hummus or a bit of crackers and cheese.

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@Bagardbilla hungry, hungry.

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In that case I roll one and then eat everything in sight;)

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Quesadilla or a bagel with cream cheese. Last night I had chicken strips before bed. Pretty much what ever is easiest.

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It’s cereal or ice cream for me.

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A yogurt or banana or a few nuts.

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I eat jonsblond.

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aren’t you pregnant?
When pregnant, you should be eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies.
I usually eat chips, or popcorn for a snack.

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@casheroo you’re referring to the being nauseous while preggers question? I asked that because I was trying to help out my cuz who is a month along.

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Lately I’ve been buying Goldfish snack packs for a more salty nosh. I love the fishes cuz they’re so delicious…

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Frosted cinnamon pop tarts.

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Usually my friends and I will scoot over to Kroger and take advantage of their late night marked-down Sushi and California Rolls. Mmmmm….

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Turkey sandwhich with a layer of Dorito’s on the sandwhich.

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crackers, old cheddar adn kielbasa is our night time nosh

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Munchies are evil! Evil I tell you!

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anything that doesnt require chopping!

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