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What junk food would you die for right about now?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 22nd, 2009

Warm, chewy Nestle toll house cookies with walnuts (drools)

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Chocolate Haagen-dazs (if I had to pick one)

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Jalapeno Poppers from Jack n The Box and some of their roomeat tacos too.

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i think you spelt “from” wrong.

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I don’t know. I’m kind of full right now, so I can’t answer the question properly. I’ll have to come back later. :)

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Anyone here old enough to remember Space Food Sticks?
Man, I miss those things.

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I don’t know if they count as junk, really, but I love me some sweet potato fries, the thick wedge kind, not those wimpy matchsticks, or platanos maduros with some salsa de ajo. Yum!!

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I could go for some choc chip cookie dough ice cream.

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@trumi Mmmmmm…beef and cheddar, curly fries with a side of cheese sauce for dipping..mmmmmmmm

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I don’t eat junk. I eat recycled goods thanks. :)

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Fried cheese. You know, death sticks.

I’m not really a big junk food junkie, but those just sound good.

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@cak With marinara sauce?

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@FGS….drool Yep!

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@cak SO good…

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@FGS – I’m so hungry now! Of course, it’s 11:10 and I have two sleeping kids. Husband is at work and no way to get some fried cheese! DAMN!

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@sjmc1989 But only over an open fire..they taste weird any other way.

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@FGS – Lurve for that answer, there is no other way to cook a S’more!

and lurve to sjmc1989 for mentioning s’mores. :)

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Yeah I completely agree but I have such cravings for them I catch them on fire on the stove I used to drive my ex crazy because I would stink up his whole apartment doing that. But once I get a craving I cant think of anything else

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A big gooey cinnamon roll. Preferably from Winona’s restaurant in Steamboat Springs (best cinnamon roll I’ve ever had!), but a Specialty’s cinnamon bun would be an acceptable substitute.

Although, now @cak and @FGS are making me want fried zucchini sticks with marinara…

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a fresh-from-the-oven turtle brownie

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Fried chicken…

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@BBSDTfamily- Don’t you realize just how many turtles are used to make just one of your precious brownies? Have you no shame?

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I blame andrew for my poutine craving right now.

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