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In traffic when you honk your horn is it because you're thinking "I don't think you see me", or "hey you jackass!..."?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14611points) April 22nd, 2009
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I… Honk to let people know I’m there usually. If I do get angry, I usually just tend to yell very loudly with the windows up so they can’t here me. Ahaha. I like to get mad, but road rage is no fun. It’s pointless in my eyes. So, just to let people know. :)

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It’s either “WTF are you doing?!”
“Hey, pay attention”
“Go on ahead of me” or
“Hey you sexy man (or lady if I’m feelin in)”

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I’ll only honk my horn if someone comes into my lane where they might hit my car or if they stay so long at a Green light it might turn Red. I don’t like to gamble on who has a case of road rage, meth rage or paranoia and decides to aim a pistol out their window.

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I grew up in a small town. When a car honked at you it was because the driver knew you and was saying “hi”.
When I moved to New York I kept hearing horns and wondering, “Who knows me?”

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teehee :)

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Maybe you’re not old enough to drive though. :)

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<—- Total man whore tonight

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I very rarely honk at all. Usually as a warning to a car coming into my lane, or backing out of a parking spot. In this case it’s a little of both (Hey Jackass, I don’t think you see me!). A light tap for an oblivious driver sitting at a green light is probably the only other time I do it.

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I don’t even know how to honk the horn on my cars, but I can answer for my Father-in-Law, he honks everytime he sees another car, and it means “I’m from on New York!”.

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Jackass, definitely jackass…

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The rough translation is, “The light is green for a while now. Get your thumb out of your ass and step on the gas.”

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I rarely honk, usually because it’s a situation where I need to be concentrating on not being hit by some jackass. I always feel rude when I honk, but if someone is just sitting at a green light, I don’t want to be stuck behind them forever. I give them a minute at least, but that’s a long time when it comes to a left turn green signal!

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Almost always just, “Hey, lookout!” or “Green arrow, dumbass.”

Always just a little brief tap on the horn. If you bap it lightly with the side of your fist, just bounce it off quickly, the honk is loud enough but not angry or abrasive sounding. I hate it when other people lean on the horn for like, half a minute. Such a jackass move.

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I rarely honk my horn, when i do its usually at someone who cuts me off or if someone is sitting at a green light for a long ass time.

I do think we should form a new honking pattern. Like honking to a friend is usually two quick beeps or something. And when the asshole cuts you off thats the long hold on the horn honk. I think we need to make some kind of honk pattern for a “sorry” because like i know sometimes i fuck up and accidentally cut someone off. I want to say sorry. I think this would relieve a lot of road rage. Like ahhh shit dude didnt mean to cut you off, sorry.

hmmm now how to start a movement for this.

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perfect :P

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I honk at kids who are cutting classes and also when I am startled by someone cutting me off, so I guess you could say “Watch out”

I get honked at a couple of times a week. When I drive to work most of the distance is on 2 streets that have lights on every intersection. I have found if you drive at the limit you almost always can go the distance on green. Frequently someone will ride my bumper for several blocks, then honk and tear off around me. By the time we reack the end of the stretch a couple of miles later, we are invariably near each other only he has hit a couple of dozen red lights and I have glided in on green.

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@galileogirl I get that a lot. When I meet up with the same car, I always give them a big smile. When my young teens were in the car, I always pointed that out to them, as well.

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More like “Watch out there, you jackass!”

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