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Are you suddenly feeling like you might really miss Fluther from between 12 and 2 this morning?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 22nd, 2009

I’m usually asleep by then, but who knows?

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That’s pacific time. I’m in the eastern timezone, so It will be from 4–6am…

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If only campfire would shut down, I might get some sleep…

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As I don’t usually make it a habit to sleep-fluther, no.
What I wonder is does Fluther feel as though it misses me between the hours of 11:30pm and 6:10am?

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I’m sad, but for speed improvements? I’m down. I sleep from 1–3. So I’m only unable to fluther for only an hour. Easy enough…

I just need… My blanky, teddy, and a good tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (My comfort food…).

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No, I’m on eastern time – I’ll be okay!

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3 AM. It’s a 3 hour difference

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Um, boots?
Which Eastern time zone are you in?

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nope. don’t care.

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@fireside The one where they don’t teach good geography skills.

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Ohhhhh, nooooo. What on earth will I do? I guess I’ll have to spend the extra time editing the references on the wikipedia articles or answer questions on wikiAnswers instead, or maybe Answerbag or Yahoo!Answer will still be there (psst, is still there (really).

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Gotta upgrade sometime.

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I’m probably one of 5 or 6 people that would normally be on at that time (3am for me). I will miss it. sob.

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no, but i feel i’m going to miss my A in english.

if fluther is going to be down 4–6am (my time), and my paper is due by 7:30am online, i have to change my original plan of doing homework first, fluther after, because what if i don’t have time to fluther? i should be fine for the night, as i took a long nap after school today. i obviously have incredibly time management issues skills

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@YARNLADY :: By the time the upgrade is complete you will still be waiting for to load.

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It didn’t affect me, I was sleeping :) I would’ve been having withdrawals otherwise.

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Happily I missed it meeting a deadline in studio.

So we are lightning-fast now?

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@johnpowell You got that right!

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