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What is a good digital photo print service for black & white in the UK?

Asked by Evert (167points) December 7th, 2007

I have some digital images, which on my screen look great in black and white (portraits). I’d like to have them printed, but I fear the dozens of print services out there: from what I read, they automatically ‘improve’ (retouch) pictures, which of course is mostly meant for simple colour snap shots; I’m happy with the current state of my pictures (provided my screen is well calibrated). The whole print process is likely focused on colour instead of black & white. Does anyone know a good company for black & white prints? Doesn’t have to be very cheap or so (although I’ll likely skip overly expensive).

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Not sure if this is exactly what you’re after, but I’ve had great success with Blurb photobooks, see the Blurb website for more details:

B+W photos look great on the thick, glossy paper.

The creation process is fairly easy. Download and install the BookSmart app, layout your photobook and upload it to the Blurb website. You can then order as many copies as you want. You can even sell your book online if you wish.

A friend has also used for business cards, postcards and greeting cards. The print quality was good.

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