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Is Russia more a part of asia or europe?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) April 22nd, 2009

give me your reasons! geography, culture, religion, sports teams =p

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Geographically speaking more of Russia is Asian. If I understand correctly, the more populous areas of Russia are in Europe. The geographical split occurs roughly at the Ural Mountain range.

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Geographically, “Asia” and “Europe” are one continent. Socioculturally, I would posit that it’s more a part of Europe.

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What they’ve been saying so far. Geographically, more of it is in Asia, but technically Europe was created to divide cultures. Eurasia is the only real continent there, as in landmass. More of the population is located in Europe and the Russian people are mostly European. Russians are an East Slavic people. The East Slavs originated in Europe. Another thing is that Russians are mostly Caucasian, which is not the same as Asian obviously. Culturally, Russian culture has aspects in common with other East Slavic cultures, not to mention the Russian Orthodox church is similar to other European churches including the Greek Orthodox.

Because of all that, I consider Russia to be a European country. Like I said, the division between Europe and Asia is cultural. The geographical distinction was created to go along with this cultural division.

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Maybe it depends on what part you are talking about.

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It’s Eurasian (actually 40% Europe 60% Asia). Just because there is a higher population in Europe doesn’t make it more European. Geography people, geography!

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It’s in Europe, because I say so, and since it really doesn’t matter anyway, we might as well just go with what I say.

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Actually, only the Russians that tend to make the news in European and Western hemisphere papers are Caucasian. A lot of Russians are all or partly Asian. It’s just that the capital of Russia is mostly full of Caucasians.

Russian leaders have tried to Westernize (ie “Europeanize”) Russia for several hundred years with varying success, but their efforts have mostly affected the bit that is on the European continent anyway.

Of course, since we don’t hear from them much, it could be that the Asians encompassed by Russia don’t consider themselves Russian, just as those living in all the Soviet Republics were so quick to separate themselves from Russia.

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Actually, back in the Soviet days, there was a secret plot to move Russia to Australia, leaving a large hole in the arctic sea, and kind of cramping Indonesia’s style. They didn’t care. They wanted to be warm. Of course, they spent too much on Sputnik to be able to afford the move, and these days, there are environmental regulations forbidding that kind of thing.

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I’ve always considered it Europe. But sure, I’ll go with whatever bob says.

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