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Is it wrong for me to put articles in a Resources page that I read but didn't cite in my paper?

Asked by helloimcat (92points) April 23rd, 2009

I’m writing a paper on Black Feminist Thought, and I’ve been reading tons of articles, and while they all interconnected, I’ve only cited certain ones. Could I still include those other articles I’ve read?

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I believe it is a good idea to include them. Sometimes when we read books we subconsciously remember a phrase or a thought that we use in our writings later. If you want to be super clear (and if your style guidelines allow it) you can put them under a subheader entitled “Referenced but Not Cited” or similar wording. When in doubt though, ask your teacher, they’re the ones marking it so whatever they want is what you should do :)

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It depends on the approach taken by the style guide your professor prefers.

Some style guides say to only list the works you actually cited. Other style guides say to list any work you referred to, even if you did not cite it directly.

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Include references and bibliography at the end of the book.
References must be cited within the book and you must have seen the references firsthand. For anything left out of it and you still want readers let refer it, include those in bibliography. You need not have seen all bibliography firsthand.
References (list of references) shall come first and then should follow bibliography at the end of the book.
FYI: It is called “References” in APA style, while “Works Cited” in MLA style.

You may consult with professors or customers/readers/publishers of the book.
Finally, it is up to you.

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