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Can you be in a loving, intimate, passionate relationship with someone without sex?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 23rd, 2009
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Difficult to be done. But it is possible.

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Yes. To me, that’s what the beginning of a relationship is, until you have sex. And some couples wait a long time to have sex…they are still loving and intimate, kissing can be very intimate.

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I believe you can, yes.

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I am sure you can. Why would you want to?

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So I should divorce my husband because he is now disabled and thus unable to have sex?

Yes, of course you can be in a loving, intimate and passionate relationship without sex.

Despite what teenagers think, sex is not the sum total of human interaction, nor should it be.

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@Darwin Great answer, Darwin. You get it. :-)

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Not for very long, I’ve tried it several times.

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No, not at all, sex is vital

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Once I am acclimated to my relationship, sex isn’t necessary for intimacy and passion, but it sure is fun.

In the beginnings of a relationship, the best way to discover if the passion and intimacy is real, is to have sex.

I have never seen an advantage for waiting to have sex. I like sex. Intimate or not, it’s still a good time.

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you can, but it sucks

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Yes, and sometimes that is what makes the other aspects of the relationship to flourish, the emotional connection becomes deeper on another level. But eventually sex seeks expression and if the relationship is not escalated appropriately one of the two will seek external expression, in which case hopefully the other partner will have the courtesy to break up before so as not to cheat. All I know is the dynamics of the relationship are different when sex is not present, and in my experience, the emotional connection last longer than the relationship itself, which is a wonderful feeling.

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It is possible to be close to someone and not have sex. Granted, it depends on your age and different situations, but I went almost two years without having sex with my boyfriend. While it may have been disappointing and difficult at times, I never had to question whether he was with me becuase he genuinely loved me for who I was- not just for sex. I liked the idea that he loved me enough to want to be with me, even if he wasn’t getting any.

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Of course you can. Sex isn’t love.. only another display of it.

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Yes it can be done, of course it can, you dont need sex to fall in love with some-one. Its just an act of love. I think it would be difficult to love some one and not have sex with them but course its possible

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Yeah, its been since Valentines day that I got it up, yet I always manage to kiss her when she needs it

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Heck ya.

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yes. I was with my boyfriend for 2 years before we made the big leap. We loved each other deeply and passionately and we were very happy with our relationship. Sex is just a “bonus” for couples to bond.

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